Heartstopper: Does Charlie Say I Love You to Nick? Theories

Image Credit: Samuel Dore/Netflix

The second season of Netflix’s romantic seriesHeartstopper’ revolves around Nick Nelson’s attempts to come out as bisexual to his friends and schoolmates. Nick’s boyfriend Charlie Spring helps him a lot so that the former can come out without feeling rushed. Their relationship grows as Nick manages to come out to the people in their closest circle. However, the attention they receive from others unsettles them. The highly nuanced season ends with Charlie typing, “I love you,” in his phone to send to Nick. His subtle hesitation must have alarmed the viewers, making one wonder whether he does send the message. Well, let us share our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Charlie Say I Love You to Nick?

The second season of the show begins with Charlie and Nick cherishing their togetherness. They find time and places to be intimate with each other while keeping their relationship a secret. Since Nick hasn’t come out to his rugby teammates and other schoolmates, they have been extremely careful with displaying affection in front of others. Even after ending up in Paris for a study trip, they decide to sleep in separate beds and not be intimate publicly. The Paris trip, however, makes Nick realize how significant Charlie is to him. He eventually garners enough courage to announce through an Instagram post that he is bisexual and that Charlie is his boyfriend.

Image Credit: Samuel Dore/Netflix

Nick’s revelation, however, affects his and Charlie’s lives. While attending the prom, Charlie and Nick get asked about their relationship and the latter’s sexual orientation a lot, which unsettles the former. They disappear from the event to seek comfort in each other at Nick’s house, away from people and their questions. Their lives become calm and pleasant once they withdraw from the people around them. Charlie types, “I love you,” to send to Nick after leaving the latter’s house. He seemingly hesitates to send the same because he must be thinking that they are not in a position to take their relationship to the next stage.

After Nick comes out as bisexual, his togetherness with Charlie becomes the center of attention at Truham Grammar School. The looks and questions of their fellow students unsettle Charlie, who doesn’t tolerate attention at all. After getting bullied and ridiculed a lot, Charlie finds attention repulsive. The same suffocates him to the extent that he chooses to miss the prom night, an occasion he has been looking forward to for days. While he cannot completely be present with Nick as his boyfriend in front of a crowd, Charlie may choose to not step into the next stage of his relationship with Nick by saying, “I love you.”

Image Credit: Samuel Dore/Netflix

In addition, Charlie must be wondering whether it is the right time for him to express his love for Nick in such an explicit way. Nick has been going through an extremely tough time right in front of the eyes of Charlie. He has struggled severely while trying to come out as bisexual and when he finally does come out, his schoolmates intrude in his privacy. His brother David’s borderline homophobic behavior further affects Nick. Charlie may not want to add more pressure to Nick’s heart by expressing his love for him at the wrong time. He may wait for Nick to do the same first so that he will know that his partner is ready to listen to him saying, “I love you.”

Charlie’s subtle hesitation to send the message no way means that he is doubtful of his love for Nick. He loves his boyfriend wholeheartedly. Charlie, however, may want better circumstances to send such a message. If that’s the case, he may wait until the storm Nick’s coming out has created pass from both of their lives to tell the latter that he loves him. It will not be a surprise if Charlie decides to meet Nick less frequently at their school and in front of their schoolmates as well.

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