Heartstopper Season 2 Ending: Does Nick Come Out as Bisexual?

The first season of Netflix’s romantic seriesHeartstopper’ follows Nick Nelson’s journey of self-discovery as he asks himself whether he is straight. Nick eventually realizes that he is bisexual and gets together with Charlie Spring. Since Nick hasn’t come out as bisexual, they get forced to keep their relationship a secret, which affects their togetherness. Upon realizing that he should reassure Charlie by coming out, Nick attempts to do the same. In the second season of the British series, Nick goes through the challenges of coming out as a queer individual in a highly queerphobic world. Does he succeed? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Nick Does Come Out as Bisexual

Nick’s realization that he is bisexual leads him to form an endearing relationship with Charlie. They share heartening and intimate moments within closed doors but Nick’s uncertainty regarding coming out as a queer person jeopardizes their togetherness. He helplessly treats Charlie differently in front of others and relies on secrecy, exactly like Charlie’s former abusive partner Ben Hope. Nick’s behavior triggers Charlie’s insecurities and traumas, which lead them to separation. However, they eventually get back together and Nick promises his partner that he will try to come out as bisexual. He even makes a good start by revealing that he is bisexual to his mother Sarah Nelson.

In the second season, Nick aims to reveal the same to some of his friends and rugby teammates, only to get frightened. Nick finds it increasingly difficult to pull himself together and come out as bisexual to the people around him. Although he manages to do that to people in his inner circle, who include Tao, Elle, Tara, Darcy, Isaac, and Imogen, he fails to come out to more people. Nick believes that he should make progress by coming out to more people because of his promise to Charlie, even though the latter asks him to not rush. He may have feared that his hesitation would again jeopardize his togetherness with Charlie.

Meanwhile, a study trip to Paris turns Nick’s life around. Nick and Charlie begin their trip upon deciding to stay apart as much as possible. Charlie wants to give his boyfriend enough space so that the latter can process his feelings and make a decision about coming out, which may not happen if their schoolmates continue to tease him for being “best mates” with the former. They sit in different seats throughout the trip and sleep in separate beds. They even hesitate to publicly hold hands. When Nick’s father meets them, he introduces his partner as his “friend.”

However, Nick and Charlie’s separation and reservations gradually evaporate, which brings them closer. When one of their schoolmates teases Nick regarding his secret boyfriend’s hickey, he takes a stand and retaliates rather than trying to hide. Nick gradually garners enough courage to support and protect Charlie from others. While playing truth or dare, one of their schoolmates corners Charlie by asking him about his hickey. Nick overcomes his hesitations and reveals that he is the one who gave Charlie the hickey and that they are dating. His impulses to protect his boyfriend ultimately lead him to come out as bisexual.

Image Credit: Samuel Dore/Netflix

Nick knows extensively about how badly Ben treated Charlie while they were secretly seeing each other. To hide his relationship, Ben stays away from Charlie in front of the others, making him feel alone and helpless. Nick doesn’t want to repeat the same mistake. He doesn’t want to put Charlie in a vulnerable position for others to unsettle him. To avoid these occurrences, he finds a way to come out. After revealing the same to a small crowd, Nick comes out as bisexual to the whole world through an Instagram post and adds that Charlie is his boyfriend.

When Nick looks at Charlie, he sees a precious person who deserves all the happiness in the world. He sees a boy who deserves to be loved and cared for in front of all the people who surround them. Nick understands that he doesn’t want to cherish their togetherness secretly anymore, which gives him enough strength to come out as a queer person. He reveals his true self to the world with the help of the love he shares with Charlie. The same love also pushes him to come out to his father regardless of his ability to understand and accept the same.

After coming out as bisexual, Nick’s life hasn’t been pleasant. His schoolmates intrude into his privacy and ask questions about his sexual orientation. He becomes the subject of piercing looks and unsettling attention. The same affects Charlie, who doesn’t tolerate unbearable attention. But Nick must be feeling relieved that he finally can embrace his true self and boyfriend with the world as their witness.

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