Heels Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Appearances

Created by Michael Waldron, Starz’s drama series ‘Heels’ explores indie pro wrestling in America. The plot predominantly revolves around brothers Jack and Ace Spade, who run the indie promotion Duffy Wrestling League, which their father set up. The series also sheds light on the personal lives of the Spade brothers and other characters, exploring their dynamic with each other. In season 2 episode 6, titled ‘Appearances,’ the narrative shifts back and forth between the past and the present. As the Spades have an important meeting that can potentially change the future of the promotion, we see Tom Spade trying to establish himself as a wrestler and failing. Certain things surrounding his death are clarified in this episode. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Heels Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

The episode begins with the dawn of a new day, As all the main characters listen to the news, where the host praises the latest episode of Gully’s Florida Wrestling Dystopia. Ace has a very constructive conversation with his mother, who advises him to find stability in his life and get a job.

Like many episodes of the series, this one also glances back into the past of the DWL. The episode focuses on a time when the DWL was receiving some attention from WCW, Eric Bishop, and Ted Turner. This was when a young Bill was still part of the DWL before he started his career in mainstream pro wrestling. He, Tom, and Willie had aspirations of coming up together and gaining places in one of the major promotions and desperately hoped that Tom’s meeting with Turner would get him there.

However, the first time Tom went to see Turner, he spent hours sitting outside the man’s office until he was told that Turner would not be able to see him that day. Frustrated, he returned to Duffy and told Willie that WCW wanted him, and not her and Bill, but promised her that he would get them in once found a solid footing at the promotion. When he didn’t see Turner a second time, Tom angrily lashed out, declaring that he would not be in their promotion and walking out.

Later, he broke the news to Bill that Willie would be his valet from then on, and Willie agreed with him. This was a time when Bill and Willie were in a romantic relationship. The betrayal from his best friend and girlfriend would have a massive impact on Bill and effectively change the trajectory of his life. The Pain of it continues to haunt even in the present day, just as the DWL prepares to host Brooks Rizzo, the Continuum representative sent to find promotions that the streaming service can put on their platform.

The atmosphere at the DWL is of reserved optimism as Brooks arrives and meets with Jack, Ace, and Staci. Willie feels left out, and she and Bill speculate how the entire thing feels like a deja vu. Gully calls Willie and makes her an offer she can’t easily refuse. He wants her and Crystal to join Dystopia for real, not just in kayfabe. Willie later informs Crystal of Gully’s offer. The older woman has been somewhat in a similar position as Crystal is now, though she is aware that the burden on Crystal’s shoulder is much more significant than hers. Crystal is a star in ways she never was. Now, it can be argued that Willie never got the chance to live up to her full potential, but that’s why choices are often the most important thing in the world. Willie intends for Crystal to know all her choices before she makes the decision on whether to stay at the DWL or go to Dystopia.

Heels Season 2 Episode 6 Ending: Did Bill Help Tom?

As we have seen early in the season, Carol was particularly unkind to Bill when he showed up at Tom’s funeral, holding her late husband’s former friend partially responsible for Tom’s suicide. Bill didn’t protest against those accusations, not then, nor has he said anything since.

The truth is that despite what is generally believed, Tom visited Bill regularly to ask for money, and the latter always acquiesced. During his last visit, Tom found that Bill was shooting for a Christian film in which he played an angel. Already a pro-wrestling legend and Hollywood actor, it seemed to Tom that Bill was a light year ahead of him. The two men agreed to meet at a bar nearby after Bill was called back to the set once more after a brief break. At the bar, Tom asked for money.

Up until that point, the audience is led to believe that this was the first time Tom had reached out to his old friend, but as it turns out, it wasn’t. Over the years, he had incurred over $400,000 in debt to his old friend, and Bill was under no delusion about Tom’s ability to pay it back. He observed how they were no longer friends before telling the other man that the next time, he should just reach out to Bill’s accountant.

Earlier, Bill had complained to Tom about the poor lines in the movie he was doing. Before Tom left, he wrote down alternative dialogues on Bill’s script. When Bill asked for an additional take during filming and used Tom’s version, it had significantly more impact on the cast and crew around him. Perhaps Tom would have thrived if he had pursued a career as a screenwriter. Although it probably would have been just as volatile, it would have been undoubtedly better than to run an indie promotion with poor business skills.

When Bill got home, he got a call from Carol informing him of Tom’s suicide. Although he did help his friend financially, Bill still felt partially responsible for Tom’s death because of what he said to him. Moreover, the Spade family has a version of what happened that led to Tom’s death, and Bill likely doesn’t want to disturb that and affect their peace. This is probably why he never told Carol and the Spade brothers that he financially helped Tom.

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