Hell House LLC Origins: Is Margot Bentley an Actual Paranormal Investigator?

Shudder’s ‘Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor’ is a fresh chapter in the ‘Hell House LLC‘ franchise as it not only serves as a compelling origin story but also depicts events after the third installment’s devastating conclusion. Directed by Cognetti, the horror film follows Magot Bentley, who decides to spend five days at a haunted mansion to solve a cold case about a family’s massacre. Between Margot’s obsession with the paranormal investigation and her amateur sleuthing career being highlighted through a documentary, curiosity about the potential real-life influences for the character is natural.

Margot Bentley is a Fictional Character

No, Margot Bentley is not based on a real paranormal investigator. Actress Bridget Rose Perrotta makes her feature film acting debut with the role of Margot Bentley, who appears to be a fictional character. In the film, Margot Bentley is a paranormal investigator and amateur sleuth obsessed with cold cases. Margot is stated to be the founder of an amateur sleuthing online blog and is a popular figure in the paranormal investigation community. While the movie provides some backstory to Margot’s character and explains her fascination with haunted places, it does not expand upon Margot’s past or life to draw parallels with any real-world figures.

Since online blogs about paranormal investigation have become popular in recent years, Margot’s character can be seen as a representation of the same. While speaking about the film’s conceptualization, writer and director Stephen Cognetti revealed that he was fascinated with the idea of creating a backstory for the cult at the Abaddon Hotel, which is an important element of the franchise’s lore. Therefore, it is evident that the fourth installment, like its predecessors, is a fictional story and does not draw from any real individuals while shaping its characters. However, since the film is presented in a found footage format, the portrayal of Margot exudes a sense of realism.

The movie follows Margot as she investigates the unsolved murders of the Carmichael family. However, during the movie’s climax, a twist reveals that Margot shares a deeper connection with the evil behind the horror at the Carmichael Manor. Given the connection between Margot and the overall franchise role, it is safe to say that Margot is a fictional character. Meanwhile, Margot’s experiences at the haunted Carmichael Manor are presented through a documentary that examines the footage Margot shot, along with commentary from two fellow paranormal experts who knew Margot.

The presentation of Margot’s story in a documentary format creates the illusion of reality as viewers see the haunting events experienced by Margot in first person. However, other aspects of Margot’s personality humanize the character and allow viewers to relate with her. For instance, Margot pursues her passion for unsolved crimes and paranormal events, adding a level of relatability to her profession despite the skepticism attached to the profession of paranormal investigation or ghost hunting. Similarly, Margot’s relationship with her supportive girlfriend, Rebecca, and her brother, Chase, who is recovering from mental health issues, present a strong internal conflict for Margot’s character, making her emotionally resonant.

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