Hell’s Kitchen Season 19: Where Are The Chefs Now?

With none other than Gordon Ramsay as the host, ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ is an iconic reality cooking show that has been captivating the attention of food and drama lovers since 2005. Season 19 of the show takes the drama, stakes, and excitement to the next level, showcasing a group of diverse contestants trying to prove their mettle in the intense environment of a professional kitchen. As the heat turns up, contestants face numerous challenges and compete for the prize of $250,000 and a job as a head chef or executive chef at a restaurant chosen by Gordon himself. It’s been a while since the season ended in 2021, leaving fans curious about the whereabouts of these chefs.

Kenneth McDuffie is Working on His Cookbook Today

A private chef from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kenneth made a rookie mistake in the second episode of the season and got eliminated. After leaving Hell’s Kitchen, he went back to his catering business, Young & Hungry Catering, and has been working there ever since. In 2022, he won the Metro Philly’s Best Food Category for his “7 Cheese Baked Macaroni”. He has also made an appearance in several other TV shows and channels and has been featured in the TUV Magazine.

Kenneth claims that being on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ helped him turn his life around, and now, he has lost a ton of weight, bought a new flat, and has a successful catering company. The chef happens to be a member of ForbesBLK, a community that celebrates Black entrepreneurs, creators, professionals, and leaders. He also works as a Culinary Arts Teacher at the Simon Gratz Mastery Charter and is creating a cookbook as well. In August 2022, Kenneth lost his niece, Yonnie, in a tragic car accident, and he continues to honor her till this date.

Eliott Sanchez is a Private Chef Now

Hailing from Bayonne, New Jersey, Eliott was eliminated in the second episode of the season because of his lack of confidence and focus. After ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ he continues to work as a private chef and has his own website where he offers catering services, cookery classes, and dinner parties. It is possible that he might have started a fish lure business with his father, with whom he also shares a passion for fishing.

Fabiola Fuentes is a Photographer Now

Fabiola Fuentes was working as a line cook in Indio, California, when she got the opportunity to become a contestant in Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. However, things took a turn for the worse when, due to an unexpected medical emergency and her poor performance, she was eliminated in the third episode. Even though the medics diagnosed the issue as dehydration, it hasn’t stopped the fans from speculating that Fabiola might have been having a panic attack or could have possibly been drunk. After leaving the show, she continues to follow her passion for cooking and has even taken up a new career avenue and become a photographer.

Drew Tingley is Going to Release His Cookbook Soon

Prior to ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ Drew Tingley was a line cook in Indio, California. His stint at the show was quite short, as he was eliminated in season 4 after he was sent to the hospital. In an Instagram post, Drew talked about what happened and said that it wasn’t just some “back pain” but a serious condition known as Rhabdomyolysis. If he hadn’t listened to his teammates and went for a consultation, the results could have been fatal.

Post-show, the chef continues to work as a line cook at Ard’s and has even flown to different cities for a private job, including a collaboration with Chef Derek Upton in Arizona. He also works as a restaurant consultant and is on his way to release a cookbook. Drew often posts his family on his Instagram, including his children and his wife, Stacy Lynn, with whom he celebrated their 2 year anniversary.

Brittani Ratcliff is Focusing on Her Career

Brittani Ratcliff worked as an Executive Sous Chef at Aramark, Morehead, Kentucky, when she gave interviews to become a participant in ‘Hell’s Kitchen Season 19. Her journey was short-lived in episode 4 as she made a mistake by overcooking the salmon, which led her teammate Nikki to come and help her. This mistake cost her the chance to move forward in the show, but her chef journey is still going strong.

After getting eliminated, Brittani returned to work at Aramark, where she works as an Executive Chef. Other than that, Brittani continues to improve her skills and, in 2022, received her ProChef Level II Certification and ProChef® Certification Level 2 from The Culinary Institute of America. She also has made an appearance in season 54 of Food Network’s ‘Chopped’.

Peter Martinez is an Executive Chef Today

Before becoming a contestant on ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ Peter Martinez was working as a sous chef in Palisades Park, New Jersey. In episode 5 of season 19, he started struggling with garnish and, later in the episode, admitted that the competition was getting really stressful. Also, he was missing his then-pregnant wife, Rebecca Piedra Martinez, which is why he voluntarily left the competition. The couple had an adorable boy in March 2020 named Lucas Jorge Martinez, and the chef often posts about him and his other children on Instagram.

Once he had left the competition, he was able to focus on his food truck named ‘The Digital Food Truck,’ where he used locally sourced ingredients to design seasonal menus. Today, he caters all types of events and even offers personal chef experiences. Peter’s day-to-day is quite busy with his business, his job as the Executive Chef at the Concourse Club, and creating a cookbook. He has also launched a spice bottle called SANDUGUEO sazón Cubano.

Josh Oakley is Thriving in the Culinary Industry

As an executive chef working in Denver, Colorado, Josh Oakley was more than thrilled to be selected as one of the contestants in season 19 of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. However, because of a few mistakes, like serving bland mashed potatoes and not communicating properly on garnish, he was eliminated in episode 6. After leaving the show, the personal and professional life of Chef Josh has been on the rise. Not only did he get married to Ava, but he won the best traditional steak RARE, The Denver Steak Championships in 2021. Currently, he is working as the Executive Chef at Avelina and looks forward to a bright future in the culinary industry.

Syann Williams is Focusing on Her Business Today

Syann Williams was a young line cook working in Atlanta, Georgia, before she participated in ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. In episode 7, she was eliminated because she didn’t have the required experience, but the judges praised her for her determination and personality. Prior to the show, she had a catering company called Kravee Kitchenz, a cannabis brand called ‘Mise En Bud’ that provided cannabis meals to cancer patients and also provided infuse foods rolling trays, and cannabis batering, and a brand called ‘K.Sweetz’.

Since the show ended, Syann has been trying to get business off the ground. The chef has been trying to pay her bills and keep a roof over her head by working, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been going so well, as she was recently fired from two jobs. In an interview with Canvas Rebel, she said, “While still trying to keep a roof over my head, build my clientele without extra money, coming in has been the biggest pivot thus far.” However, not all has been had, as Syanna has relaunched Kravee Kitchenz in Las Vegas.

Lauren Lawless is a Proud Mother Now

A private chef from San Diego, California, Lauren Lawless, was eliminated from the show after she undercooked a filet mignon steak. This forced her to return to her catering company, Flawless Cuisine, which was the beginning of a blossoming career. Post-Hell’s Kitchen, she participated in season 2 of ‘Supermarket Stakeout’ and won the grand title of Supermarket Stakeout Champion. She has also appeared in shows like Morimoto’s Sushi Master, Travel Channel’s Best in Food and Masterchef. As the owner of the restaurant Flawless Bistro and Bar in North County San Diego, Lauren is focused on building an empire. She plans on opening a second restaurant by the name of Sabrosa, which will be a tapas fusion-style restaurant.

The talented chef is also the author of a cookbook called ‘Flawless Cuisine: Inspiring The World One Plate at a Time,’ where she shares her recipes and stories. She also has released her own line of beer named ‘Flawless Blonde Ale,’ in collaboration with WestBrew. Lauren has also achieved several milestones in her personal life, including giving birth to a baby boy in June and getting engaged to John A. Duarte. However, she also suffered the loss of her grandmother and her sister, Niki Lawless.

Adam Pawlak Runs His Restaurant Now

Before joining ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ Adam Pawlak worked as an executive chef in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. However, because of his issues at the garnish station and Gordon’s feeling that the chef didn’t have any room to grow, he was eliminated in episode 9 of the series. Since then, Adam’s professional life has taken an upward trajectory. Just 5 days after the filming ended, he opened his first restaurant and now, he owns multiple locations of his pasta bar, Egg & Flour.

Other than this, Adam also offers teaching classes every now and then and provides catering for high-end private and off-site corporate events. He also won the title of Best Chef Milwaukee in 2019 and 2020. He has made a return to national television in an episode of ‘Superchef Grudge Match,’ where he competed against Declan Horgan, a fellow contestant on ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ season 19.

Marc Quiñones is a Successful Chef Now

An executive chef from Albuquerque, New Mexico, named Marc Quiñones, joined ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ as one of the 18 contestants to win the title and the cash prize. However, in episode 10, he didn’t turn his stove on and refused to take the blame, which, combined with his decline in performance, led to his elimination. Marc’s life after the show has been a row of one achievement after another.

After getting eliminated, Marc came to work at Hotel Andaluz, where he oversaw F&W operations. He left the hotel next year and he is currently working at Hotel Chaco and is an executive chef at the LVL 5 Restaurant. For his work at the MAS restaurant with the local artists and farmers at the Downtown Growers Market, Marc and his team received the One ABQ Award. Not only has he been featured in several magazines, but he also had the opportunity to cook for the President of the USA.

Jordan Savell is a Traveling Chef Now

Hailing from North Richland Hills, Texas, Jordan Savell worked as an executive chef before getting selected for the ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. In episode 11, she was eliminated after her poor leadership skills, but her hard work and efforts were appreciated by all. Post-show, she started her catering business in the form of a sandwich trailer named Bullish Foods and also worked as a Culinary Supervisor in Dickies Arena, Fort Worth. Then, she moved to Phoenix, Arizona, to work as a chef at Elevations Powered by Chef Derek Upton. She has also worked for The Artisan Boutique Hotel as the Director of Food And Beverage and is currently working as a traveling chef for ‘Sodexo Live!’

Nikki Hanna is Focusing on Her Career

Nikki, a line cook from Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, was eliminated in episode 12 of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ season 19 after she lost the final black jacket challenge. Even though she lost, Gordon himself praised her and even let her keep the jacket. After leaving the show, she has had a couple of jobs, including the position of executive chef at Hudson Mills and Senior Project Director at CB5 hospitality consulting. Nikki is also the CEO of YellowJacket Chefwear Inc.

Amber Lancaster is Thriving in the Culinary Industry

Amber Lancaster worked as an executive chef in Chicago, Illinois. In episode 13, she continuously served overcooked and undercooked food throughout the service, which led to her elimination. After the show, she joined Aparium Hotel Group as an executive chef. Her career then took her to The ‘Quin House in Boston to work as the Culinary Director. Currently, Amber is working as a Corporate Culinary Director at TableOne Hospitality. There have also been quite a few changes in her personal life, including a new relationship with Spyridon Kaperonis. She has also lost quite a bit of weight and is feeling more confident than ever in her body.

Cody Candelario is a Content Creator Now

Cody Candelario hails from Sherman Oaks, California, where he worked as an executive sous chef before joining ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ as a contestant. During the show, he often faced problems at the meat station and a lack of leadership skills. However, even after getting eliminated, he was allowed to keep his jacket, which speaks volumes about the hard work and dedication he had put on the show. Currently, Cody is working as a private chef at Elevate&co. He is also a content creator and serves delectable culinary content to his massive Instagram following of over 77K on a daily basis.

Declan Horgan is Living a Healthy Lifestyle Now

Declan Horgan worked as an executive chef from Washington, DC, before he was selected as a contestant for ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ season 19. In episode 15, he got eliminated after a cook-off challenge. Currently, he lives in Chantilly, Virginia, with his partner Karen and dog Lulu Savage, offers in-person as well as virtual cookery classes, and is self-employed as a chef consultant at his company, Big D’s LLC. Declan has also made an appearance on shows like Super Chef Grudge Match, Food Network’s Guys Grocery Games, Fox Five’s Good Day DC program, NBC’s The Today Show, and more. Even though he has been quite busy with his work and his company, Horgan’s Group, LLC, he has managed to lose about 100 pounds and started doing powerlifting.

Mary Lou Davis Produces Her YouTube Show

Mary Lou Davis, a chef de cuisine from San Antonio, Texas, was the runner-up of season 19 of ‘Hell’s Kitchen’. Her journey and dedication were praised by Gordon himself. After her loss, she returned as a Chef Partner at the Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar, which she left in December 2021 to become a private chef. Mary’s journey took her to California, where she hoped to expand her skills and work at different Michelin-starred restaurants. However, she had to take a part-time position at a hip Oakland restaurant, Viridian. She often dresses up as characters like Dumbledore and Jet Black on Instagram and teaches her fans how to cook. She also produces her YouTube show ‘Geeks & Grubs’ and is currently open to work.

Kori Sutton is a Married Woman Now

Kori Sutton, the winner of season 19 of ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ worked as an executive chef in Los Angeles, California before she came on the show. She won the cash prize of $250,000 and was offered a job as the head chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Lake Tahoe. However, she turned it down and got a new job, and currently, she is the face of the 5-star Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She has also launched her own salsa brand named Mama Kori Salsa. She also continues to offer private chef services. She contracted COVID in 2021 and was able to recover from it. She got engaged the same year and married in May 2023.

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