Here Are All the Spots Where Brahms: The Boy II Was Shot

The creepy doll plot device in horror films is one that is quite prevalent but American horror filmmaker William Brent Bell’s 2016 film ‘The Boy’ approached the familiar trope in a new way.

It tells the story of a nanny who is tasked with caring for a creepy porcelain doll by an elderly couple still grieving the death of their son Brahms twenty years prior. Predictably, weird things start to happen around the estate pretty soon and the doll appears to be haunted. However, the shocking twist at the end is that it wasn’t the doll that was responsible for the strange going ons around the house, but rather Brahms himself, living within a series of interconnected tunnels in the walls of the mansion. The film bombed critically but managed to rake in over six times its production budget at the box office.

The 2020 successor to ‘The Boy’ is titled ‘Brahms: The Boy II’ and will be a direct sequel to the original film, albeit with an entirely new family for Brahms to terrorize. The plot this time follows a young family with the father, Sean, his wife, Liza, and their son Jude. The family has just moved to a lake cottage after a home invasion incident left both Liza and Jude traumatized. Jude, in particular, is deeply affected to the point where he stops talking altogether. Unbeknownst to the family, they are on the cursed Heelshire estate, fairly close to the very house where the events of the first movie took place. When Jude finds an old porcelain doll he begins calling Brahms, strange new occurrences begin to befall the family.

If you were wondering where exactly Brahms: The Boy II’ was filmed, read on to find out everything we know.

Where Was Brahms: The Boy II Filmed?

The backdrop for the premise of both 2016’s ‘The Boy’ and 2020’s ‘Brahms: The Boy II’ is the Heelshire Estate somewhere in the state of Montana. The actual filming location for both films is actually Victoria in British Columbia, Canada with some filming done in Vancouver as well.

British Columbia in Canada has long since been a beloved filming location for film and TV productions from all over the world owing to its geographical variety and the liberal tax benefits and incentives offered by the Canadian government to foreign film productions. Principal filming for ‘Brahms: The Boy II’ began in January of 2019 and wrapped in later in March.

Craigdarroch Castle, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

In both the original movie and 2020’s ‘Brahms: The Boy II’, the filming location for the creepy Heelshire house in the historic Craigdarroch Castle in the Pacific coast city of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.

The Craigdarroch Castle is a Victorian era building of the Scottish Baronial architecture style. It was first constructed in the late 1800s as the family residence of the wealthy coal baron Robert Dunsmuir. However, Dunsmuir died in April 1889, about a year and a half before the construction of the castle was completed by his sons Alexander and James. Since then the building has served as a military hospital, college, offices, and a conservatory during different periods of time. Today Craigdarroch Castle is a designated National Historic Site of Canada landmark.

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While Craigdarroch Castle appears to be a lonely solitary building covered in thick fog in the film like most other self respecting haunted houses, in reality it is a charming little neighborhood with vibrant lawns and a sweet summer day vibe. The location’s more solemn demeanor in the film was created using clever production techniques and CGI

Some of the other prominent movies filmed at the Craigdarroch Castle include the 1994 romance drama ‘Little Women’ starring Susan Sarandon and Alec Baldwin’s 2001 action comedy ‘Cats & Dogs’.

Abandoned Tire Shop, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

A secondary filming location for ‘Brahms: The Boy II’ and the location of Brahms’ fire ravaged bedroom in the film is the premises of an old Canadian Tire store lot. Every fixture and bit of furniture inside the abandoned store was ripped out for the construction of multiple sets. One such set was Brahms’ bedroom, which consisted of badly burnt walls, a lonely, semi charred bed, and a bunch of creepy porcelain figures adorned on the shelves of a desk.

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