Hoarders Season 11 and 12: Where Are They Now?

A&E’s reality television series, ‘Hoarders,’ is an Emmy-nominated series that follows individuals dealing with severe hoarding disorder. The accumulation of all sorts of junk often leads to complications and chaos in the lives of those around the hoarders. Often the help from professionals works wonders, and the participants seem eager to turn a new leaf in life. In seasons 11 and 12, which aired in 2020-21, there were quite a few mixed outcomes.

And for fans of the show, it is quite obvious that they’d want to know about the whereabouts of their favorite ‘Hoarders’ participants. However, we’d also like to point out that even though we have tried to add in all of them, for quite a few of the participants, we couldn’t find updates as they preferred to stay low-key. The ones we did find, it was based on the updates they shared post-wrap-up in 2020-21.

Carol Passed Away A Few Months After Her Husband

Carol had a massive mansion in Ferguson, Missouri, which was loaded with all possible junk due to her love for collecting. Her husband Dave, with an extremely fragile and failing health, had become a victim of her hoarding and as Dave’s daughter pointed out, was a prisoner to her addiction. Initially, it seemed like Carol was willing to accept her problem. However, she slowly turned adamant and made it clear that she didn’t care about the consequences of her hoarding, even if it was affecting her near and dear ones. Nonetheless, the family decided to rally behind and clean up the place for Dave, to ensure that his health wasn’t further hindered due to the clutter around.

The efforts eventually bore fruit, and the place was cleaned up well, to suit the elderly couple. They seemed content and happy with the outcome too. While the end suggested that the family was finally on its way to healing together, follow-up episodes provided some sad updates. It was learned that while Dave had passed away a few months after the shoot wrapped up, none of the family members had seemingly chosen to keep in touch or talk to Carol. Sadly, around nine months after her husband’s passing, Carol suffered a terrible stroke and passed away.

Sherry Had Agreed to Take Professional Help

Wheeling, West Virginia’s Sherry justified her hoarding and stated that she believed it helped protect her from the world outside. Her will to store unlimited junk had led her to fall back on paying her house’s mortgage by a couple of years. When the clean-up team arrived at her house, they had to struggle to get inside. However, with Sherry’s son Matt and daughter Lauren by their side, the team decided to go full throttle and clear out the space for both her physical and mental well-being.

Luckily, the clean-out worked, and the house was slowly returning on track. Several appliances had been replaced and made new again. While the work was a success, they had a long way to go still. Updates, however, seemed promising as Sherry had shown a willingness to take therapy to address her mental health but had asked for the assistance of an individual to help work through it. Nonetheless, the good thing was that she continued to live in a sterilized and clean home, although post the show and mental trauma endured, her daughter stopped keeping in touch with her.

Cindy Decided to Acknowledge Her Hoarding Problem

The Code Enforcement had been dealing with Cindy and her son’s Byhalia, Mississippi property for years. Her hoarding tendencies had brought them to the brink of losing everything they ever owned. When the clean-up team arrived, they were stunned by the amount of junk that was strewn all across the property and knew they had their hands full. Despite the occasional resistance from Cindy on day two, the team, with the help of her son Cody and daughter-in-law Amanda, along with a few other extended family members, was able to partially clear out the clutter both inside and outside.

Even though there was still quite a bit of junk available on the property and Cindy knew she would require a lot more time and effort, she seemed willing to not let the measures taken go to waste. She had also agreed to avail herself of the therapy that the show’s psychologist had recommended to her, in an active effort to ensure she wouldn’t get back to her hoarding ways.

Forrest Continued to Work On His House and Himself

Forrest A. Parker, a man with a penchant for all the finer things in life, believed he was a “collector.” His home in Fredericksburg, Virginia, was filled with all sorts of clothes, artifacts, relics, hats, and more from his travels. While he had worked hard to reach where he was, at the time of the show’s airing, he was seven years behind in clearing the fines of the Homeowners Association and would’ve lost his abode if he didn’t do something about it soon. At the insistence of his son AJ and his friend, Forrest agreed to take the assistance of experts to clear out his home and find ways to clear out his dues.

The efforts of the whole team did bear fruit considerably, and Forrest was able to buy himself a brand-new HVAC system with their help. However, sometime after the show wrapped up, AJ started a fundraiser for his father. The money raised was to help meet further expenses of fixing the house and aid in dealing with several health issues Forrest was suffering from, including failing eyesight. Other than his physical ailments, Forrest has been keeping himself busy with his professional endeavors. He is currently affiliated with the Boys and Girls Club of America and is the CEO of the Rappahannock region as well as the Regional Director for the Greater Washington area. He is also the CEO and founder of FAP Consultants and Associates.

Cobra is Leading a Normal Life Devoid of Any Clutter

Zee Cobra was a hoarder with a brilliant sense of humor. However, that wasn’t enough for his son William and William’s fiance Tykarra to overlook the junk that was spread all across Cobra’s property. With a baby on the way, Cobra knew he had to let go of his hoard if he wanted to be a part of his granddaughter’s world. Even though he showed reluctance Cobra was willing to put in the effort to clean out the mess for his son and his to-be family to move into his property, so they could all be together, as a part of each other’s lives.

The clean-up crew was able to do quite a bit of work in clearing out his home. Despite the occasional hesitation, Cobra eventually did let go of most of the junk in his house. The happy news was, that his granddaughter was born sometime after filming and Cobra too seems to have moved on from his hoarding days and leading a regular life now while also being a part of his son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter’s lives.

Meryl Let Go Of Her Hoard and Reconnected With Her Family

Meryl Nordgren knew she had a hoarding problem. She acknowledged it. Her husband, Kevin, wanted to help her get rid of her habit but was met with resistance. It wasn’t until the reality of her situation hit Meryl and she realized how far things had gone, that she agreed to get the assistance needed. To add to her hoarding woes, she had two mortgages on the couple’s house and over $100,000 in credit card debts. Especially with Worcester, Massachusetts’ city Code Enforcement officials threatening to get them evicted for the junk on her property, she knew she had to take quick action. Her situation eventually led her to become estranged from her brother.

Even though letting go of everything around her was hard, Meryl knew she had to, for the greater good. Once the clearing out went underway and she slowly started to let go of things, everyone realized she was taking small steps to progress. Later, it was learned that Meryl had agreed to continue to take therapy and keep the remaining junk that was strewn in her house. What was an added icing on the cake, was that her and her brother’s bond also improved. She’s turned a new leaf and even though she is afflicted with disability, Meryl continues to harbor a positive outlook toward life. Her socials too indicate her fondness for animals, arts, and musicals and how she chooses to keep herself surrounded with the same.

Tim Continued to Feel Regret About Being on the Show

Citrus Heights, California’s Tim, a former psychologist had two homes that were cluttered beyond measure. Even though he’d initially started by hoarding the outside, after his wife fell ill, he started to bring his collection inside the house. Tim had been in a constant battle with Code Enforcement and was now beginning to worry that he would end up losing his home. This was when he called in the Hoarders team for their assistance.

Even though the team had come in with positive intent, Tim felt a sense of regret about the whole clean-up process, once it was wrapped up. Update episodes suggested that even though he had agreed to continue with the cleaning, the process had slowed down quite a bit and he had even refused to take aftercare and assistance. His family’s concerns about his wife’s mental health, however, continued to remain.

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