Hoarders Seasons 9 and 10: Where Are They Now?

The documentary reality television series, ‘Hoarders,’ on A&E, gives a glimpse into the world of compulsive hoarding disorder. It follows trained psychologists, cleaners, and volunteers as they sign up to help the hoarders manage their junk for the sake of their families, friends, and themselves. Seasons 9 and 10 of the series were a huge hit with viewers as it showed some extreme hoarding cases, some of which were a hit while a few simply refused to change their ways.

As fans of the show, being invested through the seasons, you’d surely want to know more about the present updates of your favorite hoarders. Well, we’ve got you covered. However, before proceeding, we’d like to point out that most of the updates, based on those who were available with follow-ups post the show, are between 2016-19, with a few exceptions.

Lonnie Hammargren Sadly Succumbed to Age-Related Ailments

Lonnie Hammargren, the first participant of season 9 from Las Vegas, was a well-known personality. The famed neurosurgeon was also the former Lt. Governor of the State of Nevada from 1995-99. However, behind his name and fame was a notorious hoarder who had spent approximately $10 million on his massive junk collection. At the brink of bankruptcy, he realized he had to auction parts of his hoarded assets, or else he would not be able to pay off his debts.

Part of the clean-up was a success, as Lonnie was able to let go of some of his prized collections. He had also intended to write his autobiography using the gains he had received from selling his items. However, Lonnie sadly passed away on June 13, 2023, due to complications that arose from his dementia, heart, and subdural hematoma.

Linda Passed Away in 2019

Linda K. Swinford’s home in Canton, Ohio was a hoarder’s paradise, along with being unhealthy and unhygienic. Her husband, David, who had undergone a heart transplant was being debarred from entering the couple’s home by his doctors as it would pose a grave threat to his fragile health. Linda knew that the only way to help him return home to recuperate was to let go of her precious hoard. With the support of her family, she decided to go ahead with the clean-up and make the house their home again.

Although Linda found it hard to part ways with most of her things when the psychologist helped her realize the greater purpose behind the clean-up she began to look at the situation differently. The push worked wonders for her and she found a new resolve to put in the effort for her husband. The clean-up was a hit and Linda, her husband, and her children couldn’t believe the rooms they were looking at. This was one of the rare success stories of hoarders and gave a new beginning to the family. While Linda and her husband Dave celebrated a massive milestone in their relationship with their 50th anniversary sometime in 2019, the family was sadly left bereaved by her passing on the same year on April 30, 2019.

Linda’s Home Was Lost to a Fire in 2022

Linda’s Chimacum, Washington farm covering 180 acres was filled with junk she believed was necessary to prepare for the end of times, which she was convinced was quite near. She was a staunch believer that the world market was nearing a collapse and her property which contained a hoard of every possible thing, would help as a refuge for the survivors. While Linda’s plans seemed noble, the city authorities weren’t quite interested, and if she didn’t make an effort to clear out the mess, then she’d lose out on her massive property. Despite the clean-up crew coming in and trying their best to help Linda out, she refused to budge from her spot.

Not only did she stop cooperating, but she even put her foot down on letting a single item leave her property. This was one of the rare cases wherein the cleaners went back without moving an inch of the hoard that was present on the site. Follow-ups showed that though Linda refused aftercare therapy, she took the aftercare funds to use and repair her farm equipment. She continued to hold onto her belief that civilization would collapse in less than a year. However, instead of humanity collapsing, in April 2022, there were reports that a massive fire had broken out on her farm, and her single-storied home was entirely burnt down.

Ray Got Back to Hoarding Before Passing Away in 2022

Ray Silmon’s San Francisco Victorian home was a thing of absolute beauty but was cluttered beyond measure. Ray resided there with his brother Tony after the two had inherited the house from their parents. However, the home was under threat from city agencies due to its hazardous condition and if Tony didn’t clean it up, he risked losing it. Ardent fans of ‘Hoarders’ might have a tug at their heartstrings whenever they recollect Ray’s story as just before the filming crew was set to arrive, his brother and best friend Tony passed away. It was a lot of struggle for Ray to come to terms with the loss of Tony while also simultaneously letting off of his hoard, which he’d considered so precious.

While the team was able to do justice to the clean-up of his home wasn’t taken away, as he’d feared. What seemed like a promising end however didn’t continue as such. Ray eventually went back to hoarding the place like it was before eventually passing away in 2022. The gorgeous house, despite its many flaws and massive hoard, was then sold for a whopping $1.2 million!

Kerry Let Go of His Hoarding Obsession to Bring His Family Back into His Life

Kerry’s home in suburban Franklin, Indiana, was a haven for all sorts of plants. But, it didn’t have enough space for people to coexist in. After losing his job, Kerry started hoarding plants. The obsession, however, had gone so bad that his wife of 37 years had left him, and his children were on the verge of breaking all ties with him. In a last-ditch effort to save his family, Kerry decided to take the assistance of the experts. While the initial effort didn’t quite bear fruit, the next day saw a major shift in his attitude.

Kerry was willing to donate all the junk he had accumulated over the years to keep his home and hopefully bring his family back into his life. The hard work eventually did pay off as Code Enforcement gave him a little leeway in time to deal with the violations on the inside. Update episodes seemed quite promising and happy. While the house looked clean, a month after filming, Kerry and his ex-wife Peggy had gotten remarried and were looking forward to a renewed life together.

Patricia Left Her Family Bereaved in 2021

Ardent fans of the show must be remembering Patricia, the retired nurse from Cooper City, Florida. She lived with her boyfriend Bill and had a habit of hoarding the most random things she could lay her hands on, believing she would sell them to earn extra money to help run the house. While her idea seemed genuine, the problem arose when instead of selling the things she found, she started to hoard them. Things got so bad that she was getting fined thousands of dollars each week for refusing to part ways with her junk.

When the clean-up team arrived, they were adamant about helping her, with the support of Bill, and her three daughters. But, Patricia was hard to convince. Every time they believed they were making some progress, she would come in and stop the clean-up, pointing out that the things being thrown were important to her. This eventually led her daughters to pick out things and throw them out at random, causing further chaos. As sad as the condition of her home and surroundings was, she was a one-of-a-kind hoarder. However, it was learned that Patricia had sadly departed in 2021. Her daughters had shared memories of their mother and how despite the problems she had, they would miss them and were deeply mourning her loss.

Ilona and Roger Stank’s Home Was Eventually Razed By the City

Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Roger and Ilona Stank were an elderly couple who had managed to hoard themselves out of their home. They were constantly being threatened with losing their property if they didn’t clear out the mess surrounding their home. Things were so bad that they had a couple of possums happily living amidst the hoard!

Despite the ardent efforts of the clean-up team, it turned out that the Stanks’ home eventually could not be saved as the property wasn’t able to attain acceptable levels of cleanliness. Despite their hopes of preserving the house and getting the court to pass a stay on the demolition, in 2019, the house was eventually razed to the ground. The Stanks, who were living elsewhere at the time also had to pay for the demolition costs and ended up getting ownership of the lot after it was eventually razed.

Sandra Peacefully Passed Away in 2023

Season nine’s Sandra Cowart, a resident of the gorgeous Julian Price home in Greensboro, North Carolina, was a renowned interior designer. There was a time during the 90s when she would proudly host guests of the annual International Home Furnishings Market in her house. Back then, she had a booming business, and it was after a lawsuit that it began to go downhill, and Sandra’s hoarding habits went uphill. By the time the crew had arrived, her huge 31-room mansion spread over 1.5 acres was filled with all sorts of junk that she could lay hands on.

Already 67 months into debt, there was little she could do despite claiming that she was working 18 hours a day to clear out the debts. Even though the team did their best to clean up the place, there was just too much to clear out in very little time. The work done had also left Sandra quite dissatisfied in the end. Eventually, her house was foreclosed, and Michael and Eric Fuko-Rizzo bought the place and turned it into a lucrative bed and breakfast. Sadly, Sandra, peacefully passed away on September 21, 2023, in Greensboro.

Andy and Becky Eventually Took Therapy and Acknowledged Their Hoarding Issues

Elderly Marysville, Washington couple Andy and Becky Otter believed it was their constitutional right to freely live as they please, even if it meant being surrounded by 250 tonnes of junk. However, their city government and neighborhood weren’t prepared to let them get away with their beliefs and made it clear that if they didn’t clear out the place, they risked jail time and losing their home. Things had gotten so bad that the city of Marysville had to rewrite its laws to make such a public nuisance a crime that would draw strict punishment. Unwilling yet helpless, the Otters decided to take the assistance of the expert cleaners.

When the cleaning team walked in, neither Andy nor Becky were willing to acknowledge their hoarding problem. Even their son took a while to accept that there was an issue. However, the neighbors weren’t going to let them off easy, and everyone came together to help the family. Close to 40 truckloads were taken away from their house. Their two precious dogs were also taken away by animal control. Sometime later, another 90 tons was picked up from the modest home. Later updates suggested that the family, despite their constant reluctance, had taken the therapy that was suggested. They had also gotten their dogs back, and the city had returned to respecting and getting on friendly terms with them.

Peter From the Three Amigos is No Longer With Us

The final episode of season 10 featured two Turcotte brothers, Peter and Raymond, and their best friend, Donald, from Tewksbury, Massachusetts. All three were as close as can be and even had the same disorder of hoarding. While Raymond acknowledged his problem after being convinced by his wife Sandy and their children, his brother Peter also addressed the issue when evidence was shown. However, their friend Donald refused to grant access to clean his house and stayed put on his decision throughout.

When the cleaners came, their case with Donald was quickly dismissed as he made it known that there was no way a single item was leaving his property. Raymond and Peter, although a little reluctant from time to time, eventually gave way, as they realized it was for the better and would help bring his family even closer than they were. While things were going quite well, Peter Turcotte sadly passed away in 2021 at the age of 82 after a brief illness. Raymond, his younger brother, also lost his wife, Sandra, in 2022.

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