Hoarders Season 13 and 14: Where Are They Now?

A&E’s Emmy-nominated television reality series ‘Hoarders’ looks into the complex world of individuals dealing with compulsive hoarding disorder. It follows a team of experts as they try to get the individuals to accept their problems and work on their situations for their own physical and mental well-being. The families and friends also often get involved, hoping to provide much-needed clarity and assistance.

Seasons 13 and 14, which were aired in 2021 and 2023, had quite a few interesting personalities from different walks of life dealing with hoarding in diverse capacities. While we have attempted to get information on all, some of the individuals have maintained low profiles. Even though we have tried getting the latest updates, in most cases, the follow-ups are from 2021-2023, based on updates that were shared post-filming.

Terri Went Back to Her Hoarding Ways Once Filming Wrapped

Terri had a unique case. She worked as an in-home health care provider and worked 24-hour shifts at the house of a WW2 veteran. Her work ensured that she rarely set foot in her Florissant, Missouri home, which was packed with all the hoard she could find. She and her boyfriend of 40+ years, Kraig, always intended on getting married, but her hoarding obsession seemed to stand in the way. What made matters worse was that she’d even hoarded the house of the WW2 veteran whom she was a live-in caregiver for!

Despite the best efforts of the cleaners to ensure that the house would be made liveable again, Terri didn’t seem willing to change herself. The latter updates seemed to suggest that she had returned to her former hoarding ways and had once again gone back to cluttering her and her employer’s house.

Paul Was Ready to Make Peace With His Losses and Start Afresh

Paul was an interior designer from Jacksonville, Florida, who had lost his partner a few years ago. This had turned him to collect items to incorporate into his designing business. However, instead of using it, the whole thing had turned into a massive hoard which had disrupted his normal living. He barely had any place to move about, and his added grief pushed him to continue to hoard beyond control. When the clean-up team arrived, they knew they had their hands full, with the two-story home.

The drive bore fruit, and Paul was able to let go of a lot of items he’d collected over the years. He even found his partner’s ashes, which he seemed to have misplaced somewhere in his hoard. The emotions ran high as Paul walked into a decluttered and clean home. As per the episode’s end, Paul seemed positive in his desire to change. The psychologist on the show even got him assistance from a therapist who would help deal with his loss and grief and to ensure he didn’t go back to hoarding, to feel better.

Carmen Decided to Push Through For Her Physical and Mental Well-being

Carmen’s Richmond, Texas, home had become a hoarding haven after the passing of her husband, Mike. Having lost her job due to a neck injury, Carmen’s loneliness had triggered her hoarding and online shopping. Her daughter Melissa had worried about her mother’s life spiraling beyond control, especially since Carmen had shut out much of her family. Realizing the extent of her problem, Carmen had decided on taking the assistance of the Hoarders team, to bring stability into the chaos surrounding her life.

The clean-up worked quite well, although there was still a lot left to be done. Carmen resumed working through the remaining items in her house, but her health complications had slowed down her progress quite a bit. However, Melissa, Eric, and Carmen’s parents continued being supportive of her and ensured that they checked in with her every week. Scott also returned to help with the plumbing issues and additional clean-up. The good news as seen in follow-ups was that Carmen had accepted aftercare therapy and had resolved to attend regular sessions.

Kate Was Determined to Give Herself a Fresh Start With the Help of Her Family

Kate’s home in Weaverville, North Carolina, had items that she had collected from her clients’ homes while working as a realtor. She would often utilize them to stage homes she would sell. The recent loss of her husband had ended up aggravating the situation along with the Code Enforcements issuances of daily fines. Intent on sorting her life, Kate decided to take the assistance of the Hoarders team. Along with that, she had the support of her family, who were willing to ensure she never faltered on her road to recovery.

The clean-up was a success but what was an even bigger success were the updates that followed. Kate had accepted aftercare and was said to have been regularly attending sessions too. The air-conditioning in her house and the mold in the basement had been cleared out too. Even though Kate had struggled with organizing her home, she had her family’s support in getting things in order. It was learned that she had considered relocating to another state to be closer to her siblings and father.

Peggie Accepted Aftercare Therapy To Continue With Her Progress

Whidbey Island’s Peggie had been divorced since 1981, and she was left alone in her home after her daughter chose to live with her father. She had gotten herself a job as a live-in caregiver and that had led her to move across the country to start afresh. However, when her client passed away, Peggie started thrift store shopping, and that led her to start hoarding again. For long, she had wanted to clear out her hoard and start life anew. With the assistance of the Hoarders team and her loved ones, Peggie intended to declutter her home and life and get her disorder under control.

While the clean-up had gone well, Peggie, too had shown promise and resilience throughout. The follow-ups also suggested the same. Peggie had accepted aftercare and had attended therapy sessions twice every month. She had also started working through the remaining boxes that were present in the house, and the positive news was that her home continued to remain clean. She was thrilled to have the kitchen to herself again so she could get back to cooking. It was learned that family and neighbors would also visit her for fun get-togethers.

Martha Had Finally Let Go of Her Sentiments and is Rebuilding Old Bonds

Martha’s San Antonio, Texas home, was cluttered beyond control. Having dealt with heartbreak and deception at a young age, coupled with failing health due to kidney ailments, Martha had been going through a lot. She was even trying to hold onto the sentiments of her deceased parents, as they felt like a part of her. Her situation had gotten so bad that she didn’t have access to water but refused to take assistance from friends and family, which further strained her situation. In a last-ditch effort to clear out her clutter and make her home liveable again, she took help from the experts.

Martha was thrilled with the clean-up drive and was ecstatic to find her home back to its former glory. She was thankful for all the help and was glad to have finally made peace with her daughter too. Follow-ups were quite promising as well since she had accepted aftercare therapy. There was a bit of a health scare as she had suffered from an infection due to her stay in the hospital, but it was all good. She continued living in her house, which seemed good as new, and had been actively working on renewing her familial and friendly bonds.

Lia’s Progress Looked Slow But Promising Thanks to Her Family’s Support

Lia’s home in Hayward California, which she shared with her husband, Ken was hoarded to the brim. A former nurse, her love and pride for her country were visible in all the blue, white, and red that was filled inside her house. Realizing the problem her hoarding was having in the home, Lia had agreed to take her to a psychologist. An intimate discussion revealed that the possible reason behind Lia’s hoarding could be her lack of friends in life. Clean-up was hard as Lia refused to let go of the junk that was coming out of her house.

Her three adult sons were getting worried about her refusal to address the issue at hand. However, despite the constant resistance, the house was nearly decluttered. The end was quite satisfying as Lia’s sons and husband rallied to do their best. She clarified that the changes around were a lot and she would take some time getting used to it all. Her three sons continued visiting her and encouraging her to reduce the remaining clutter. She had also agreed to take aftercare and was actively involved in her therapy sessions.

Andy Had Refused to Change His Ways For Anyone

Andy’s property in San Diego, California was filled with all sorts of junk which included anything and everything he could lay his hands on. But, he refused to call himself a hoarder and believed that he was a collector. Things were so bad that his elderly mother had repeatedly fallen inside and hurt herself inside. The threats the house posed to his mother, the repeated fines he gave to the city, and the fear of losing the property compelled Andy to take the assistance of the experts.

Despite all the efforts, the crew was left unhappy with the work they did and it turned out to be one of the unsuccessful case studies on the show. Despite the clean-up and the house being brought in order, it went back to being a junkyard within no time. After the crew left his property, Andy resumed bringing in scrap metals and rummaging through dumpsters. He had also categorically refused any aftercare help and therapy, believing it would lead him to lose money. His nephew Gabe keeps checking in on his grandma Louise and is quite worried about her physical and mental health.

Darlene Had Chosen to Work on Healing From Her Past Traumas

Burnaby, British Columbia’s Darlene had a home that was so extremely cluttered that she was compelled to sleep on her porch under a tarp. The house also held the sentiments of her beloved grandmother who passed away there. Having lost her mother and sister too, Darlene’s emotional trauma led her cousin and friends to believe that she may have been feeling a little lost. To be able to regain control of her life, Darlene agrees to take the help of an expert.

Darlene had her share of difficulties in trying to let go. Even seeing everything come out of the house made her overwhelmed. Her abandonment issues too were looked into, when she was made to realize that she had friends and family willing to help her through everything. She looked thrilled with the work the crew did to her home and expressed immense gratitude for their help. She wanted to continue making progress so accepted the aftercare therapy that was given. Darlene agreed to sort through her remaining belongings to let go of the mess that was still there.

Jim Had a Hard Time Letting Go of the Past and Resorted to Hoarding Again

Jim, a Vietnam War veteran from Kannapolis, North Carolina had a home that was filled with all sorts of hoarded items such as tools, camera parts, electronics, computer components, and the like. His daughter Elesha who lived with him since 2019, hoped to help him clean out the place, but it didn’t work out. That’s when the professional team was called in, to assist.

The clean-up went well and both Jim and Elesha opened up to each other, especially Jim. The situation ahead though slow looked promising. He continued to attend therapy and despite the occasional breakthroughs, struggled to get over his hoarding. While Elesha continued to motivate her father to declutter, Jim refused to let go of additional items. Eventually, the updates turned a little disappointed as it was informed that Jim had once again re-hoarded his bedroom, even though his daughter continued to rally behind him.

Rosella Continued to Work With Therapists and Aftercare Experts

A public health nurse during the heyday, Rosella aka Roz from Winnipeg in Manitoba, had a home that was filled with stuff on all corners. Though she acknowledged her inability to clean up her mess, Roz refused to term herself her ‘hoarder.’ With her daughters worried about her well-being, Roz agreed to seek professional help to address her hoarding behaviors.

The clean-up drive wasn’t smooth, as Roz’s love for cooking and baking and most of her things meant that she was reluctant to let go of most things, even if they had gone bad. However, it was a note that she’d written to herself that eventually gave Roz the final push she needed to let go. The final clean-up eventually left Roz and her family thrilled. Updates suggested that Roz continued working on her home with the aftercare therapist and organizer and she looked forward to hosting her family and friends over for dinners. She and her partner Adrian even had their first sleepover together sometime after the clean-up!

Marjorie Refused to Continue With the Efforts to Keep Her Home Decluttered

Marjorie loved going on all sorts of sales and ensured that she brought a little something back to her Sacramento, California home each time. This eventually led the place to get cluttered beyond control. Her situation was quite overwhelming for her and her husband Irv, who moved in the vicinity of the bedroom only. To make the home suitable for her husband, Marjorie decided to take professional help.

Clean-up was tough as Marjorie was adamant about not letting certain things go. She refused to listen to anyone and turned a deaf ear to the experts. However, on the final day, she and her husband were quite happy with the work done by the team. Follow-ups suggested that Marjorie eventually had her hip surgery and was in recovery and aftercare. However, she was quite dissatisfied with the clean-up and hadn’t done anything to move any items in or out of the house.

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