Hoarders Season 3 And 4: Where Are They Now?

Premiering on A&E, season 3 and 4 of ‘Hoarders’ brought its compelling stories to viewers, offering a raw and unfiltered look into the challenges of compulsive hoarding disorder. The seasons provided an intimate exploration into the emotional struggles of individuals facing this condition. The expert intervention team, including therapists and organizers, worked tirelessly to facilitate the clean-up process and address the underlying psychological factors contributing to hoarding behaviors.

The seasons were aired in 2010-11, and invited audiences to empathize with the challenges faced by the cast and their loved ones, fostering a broader conversation about the realities of compulsive hoarding disorder. As the majority of the cast members have chosen to maintain a sense of privacy surrounding their personal lives, their current whereabouts are unknown and we could only uncover the progress they made untill 2011.

Glen Brittner Became a Victim of Murder in 2015

In season 3 of ‘Hoarders,’ Glen Brittner faced a daunting challenge as he grappled with a hoarding issue involving a staggering collection of 2500 free-roaming rats. Post-show, he revealed in an update that he had successfully transformed his life and embraced cleanliness. However, tragedy struck the Brittner family when, in 2015, Glen became the victim of a brutal murder at his Los Angeles residence. Reports from the LA Times indicated that a home invasion robbery occurred, leading to an assault on Glen that left him with severe head wounds. Bound and robbed of $2,000 and other items, Glen was discovered unresponsive by a coworker in his home.

Though immediately rushed to Antelope Valley Hospital, Glen succumbed to his injuries after 10 days in a coma. The LA County Sheriff’s Department described the grim circumstances, stating that Glen was found with his hands and feet bound, and the cause of death was blunt force trauma. Before his untimely death, Glen owned a local water business and had been living in Los Angeles. Reflecting on his life, Gary Brittner, Glen’s brother, described him as a dedicated businessman providing essential water delivery services to the community since the late ’70s. Glen, having lost his wife in 1998, faced health challenges, including leg and back problems that required him to use a wheelchair.

Despite his physical limitations, Glen possessed a sharp mind, reminiscent of an encyclopedia, and honed practical skills as a truck owner-operator navigating dirt roads. In 2018, speaking to the AV Times, Gary shared insights into Glen’s character, highlighting his profound impact on the community and his resilience in the face of adversity. George Brittner, Glen’s son, emphasized his father’s role in building a strong community bond and expressed the devastating impact of his murder on the region.

George took over his father’s company, running the operation in an attempt to maintain a connection to the legacy Glen had built. However, the wounds inflicted on the family and community remained unhealed, awaiting justice. Despite the passage of time, Glen’s murder remains unsolved. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has also offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the resolution of the case. The family, still grappling with the pain of their loss, continues to seek closure, hoping for the apprehension of those responsible for Glen’s tragic and senseless death.

Lisa Passed Away Some Time After The Show

In season 4 of ‘Hoarders,’ viewers were introduced to Lisa, an active chef residing in an affluent Washington neighborhood. Despite her million-dollar home, Lisa grappled with compulsive food hoarding, transforming her kitchen into a chaotic reflection of her struggle. Notably, Lisa’s expertise extended to historical cooking gadgets, making her distinctive on the show. Post-show, A&E provided an update on Lisa’s life in a 2020 YouTube video featuring Matt Paxton, a hoarding expert. Describing Lisa as one of the most intelligent hoarders he had encountered, Paxton revealed her remarkable ability to read in 20 different languages.

Tragically, he disclosed that Lisa had passed away a few years after the filming. Matt Paxton, known for his role in cleaning and organizing hoarders’ homes, received a call from Lisa’s family to clean her house after her demise. In the video, he expressed a close relationship with the family, emphasizing their kindness. Paxton detailed the state of Lisa’s home during the cleanup, noting that even after eight years, much of what he had organized and cleaned remained untouched.

Boxes with his handwriting, emails, and letters from Lisa were still present, offering a poignant testament to the lasting impact of her struggles. Despite the challenging circumstances, Paxton acknowledged Lisa’s fascinating personality and labeled her as a great example. He emphasized the importance of therapy for those seeking change, acknowledging that not everyone can or wants to transform. Despite the inherent difficulties, Paxton concluded that Lisa had lived a relatively content life and described her as a “happy girl.”

Ron Lost The Battle of Life To Cancer

Ron and his daughter Marina were the subjects of season 4. Marina expressed concerns about her father’s well-being and collaborated with a team of experts to address the cluttered and unsafe conditions of his home. The episode documented their journey as they worked towards creating a safer living environment for Ron. Following the show, Marina took to Tumblr, creating a series of blog posts named Raised by Ron, where she candidly shared insights into her father’s life. In these posts, Marina revealed the unfortunate news that Ron had passed away on October 16, 2012, succumbing to cancer.

Despite the somber circumstances, Marina candidly discussed the challenges she faced in her childhood due to her father’s behavior. In her blogs, Marina delved into the complexities of her relationship with her late father, admitting that she struggled to comprehend the concept of love. She reflected on her newfound freedom from the tumultuous dynamics of her past, particularly during holidays when her father’s behavior would escalate. Marina’s posts provided a raw and unfiltered perspective on the aftermath of her father’s passing.

While acknowledging the societal expectation to mourn and express love for a deceased parent, Marina authentically shared her feelings of relief and her commitment to using this period to work on self-healing. The journey took an unexpected turn as details emerged about Ron’s residence posthumously. The house, previously a focal point of the ‘Hoarders’ episode, was sold at an auction. The new owner embarked on a restoration project, discovering that over half of the structure had been illegally constructed to accommodate Ron’s extensive hoard. This revelation added a layer of complexity to Ron’s story, shedding light on the extent of his compulsive hoarding and its impact on the property.

Randy Senna Has Filed a Nomination Endorsement To Run For Mayor

Randy Senna, the vibrant proprietor of Randyland in Wildwood, New Jersey, gained national attention through his appearance on a ‘Hoarders’ episode featuring the meticulous displays within the confines of a repurposed Woolworth’s building. Post-show, Randy remains at the helm of Randyland, the culmination of his lifelong passion for collecting and curating a diverse array of artifacts, including detailed displays ranging from Walt Disney World memorabilia to his baby crib. In the years following his television debut, Randy has not only sustained but significantly expanded his business. His commitment to Randyland’s unique charm and historical significance has contributed to its continued success.

Notably, Randy’s life story served as inspiration for the 2011 film ‘Mr. Fascination,’ providing a cinematic portrayal of his fascinating journey and the creation of Randyland. Embracing the digital age, Randy established a presence on YouTube with his channel ‘Main Street Randyland,’ dedicated exclusively to showcasing the eclectic collection housed within Randyland. Through engaging videos, he offers viewers a virtual tour of his meticulously organized displays, inviting them into his world of nostalgia and fascination. Randy also extends the festive spirit by driving the omnibus during Christmas celebrations, further fostering a sense of community around his unique establishment.

A notable companion in Randy’s life is his cat, Blacky, who often makes delightful appearances on his social media feeds. Randy shares glimpses of his daily life, intertwining the charm of Randyland with personal touches. He tries to create a connection with his audience beyond the physical confines of his establishment. In a surprising turn, Randy took the opportunity to declutter and share pieces of his extensive collection with the public. In 2017, he listed items he had hoarded for years on eBay, allowing enthusiasts and collectors alike to acquire a piece of Randyland’s history.

Continuing his multifaceted engagement with his audience, Randy maintains a social media presence where he shares nostalgic photos of old advertisements and items that evoke memories of bygone eras. This personal touch adds depth to his online persona and reinforces the theme of preserving the past that permeates Randyland. In a surprising and ambitious move, as of August 2023, Randy has filed a Nomination Endorsement to run for Mayor/Commissioner of the City of Wildwood. This step reflects his dedication to his community and a desire to contribute to the city’s governance, showcasing his commitment to making a positive impact beyond the walls of Randyland.

Randy’s journey is a testament to his resilience, creativity, and unwavering dedication to Randyland. From cinematic depictions to online ventures and political aspirations, Randy continues to captivate audiences with his unique blend of nostalgia, community spirit, and entrepreneurial endeavors. In the aftermath of their respective appearances on ‘Hoarders,’ other contestants have opted to maintain a private and discreet life, choosing not to disclose detailed updates about their post-show experiences. These individuals have chosen a more reserved approach.

The decision to keep their lives private varies among the contestants and seems to reflect a desire to distance themselves from the public spotlight and the intense scrutiny often associated with reality television. This choice to prioritize privacy underscores the diverse ways in which cast members in the ‘Hoarders’ series choose to cope with their experiences and highlights the importance of respecting their boundaries.

Laura Passed Away in 2010

In season 3 of ‘Hoarders,’ viewers witnessed the life of a terminally ill cancer patient, Laura. Her struggle with hoarding not only affected her own quality of life but also took a toll on the well-being of her family. During the episode, Laura’s daughter Michelle candidly expressed the impact of the hoarding on their lives, stating, “I always felt like she was ruining our lives.” After a thorough cleanup effort documented in the episode, there was a glimmer of hope for the family’s future. The transformation of the living space signaled a positive shift, offering the family an opportunity for a healthier and more optimistic outlook.

Tragically, Laura’s health deteriorated, and she passed away in September 2010. The poignant journey depicted in the ‘Hoarders’ episode captured not only the challenges of addressing compulsive hoarding but also the profound impact it had on the dynamics of a family grappling with illness and the weight of accumulated possessions.

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