Holiday Baking Championship Season 5: Where Are the Bakers Now?

Food Network’s ‘Holiday Baking Championship’ chronicles the competitive streak among nine contestants in a series of holiday-themed challenges. With $10,000 on the line, the individuals do not shy away from taking risks and going all out in the baking show. The series made its debut in 2014 and has continued to garner acclaim for its unique challenges that encompass the spirit of the holiday season. Years after the fifth instalment hit television, fans have continued to wonder more about the posthumous journey of the contestants.

Douglas Phillips is a Pastry Chef Instructor Even Today

Originally from Ohio, Douglas gained his footing in the industry when he attended the Culinary Institute of America in New York. After gaining experience at Hudson Chocolates, Eleven Madison Park, and Restaurant Daniel, the chef moved to Massachusetts and worked with renowned peers. However, he left the industry in 2016 to welcome a child with his wife. Since making an incredible feat and winning the top spot of the series, Doug has continued to scale his abilities. He is now a Pastry Chef Instructor at North Shore Community College. The television personality continues to help young students find the same level of finesse that has made his desserts stand out at each turn.

Lerome Campbell is Working at The Ritz Carlton Beach Resort

Lerome’s capacity to merge flavor profiles and execute unique ideas eventually won him a spot in the series finale. However, the television personality didn’t take away the season’s prize. Nevertheless, Lerome has continued to map the road to success ever since. He is still employed at The Ritz-Carlton Beach Resort in North Naples. While his chocolate, hazelnut, and banana-flavored holiday gift cake couldn’t win him the top spot, he has still used his experience to mark new milestones in his career.

An Executive Pastry Chef at The Ritz-Carlton, Lerome is known for creating a traditional gingerbread house that takes hours to prepare and even lures travelers and locals. With hundreds of pounds of ingredients, the mammoth gingerbread house is just one of his many achievements. Besides work, Lerome also enjoys spending time with his two daughters and traveling worldwide. Most recently, the chef conducted a masterclass at Felchlin, Switzerland.

Sarah Lucia Tafur is Now a Business Owner

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Sarah always envisioned herself creating remarkable cakes that showcase the unexpected. Since her performance in season 5, she has continued to make her dream come true. She is now expanding her business, Sarahlu Confections. Her Miami-based confectionary studio helps clients find suitable cakes and desserts. Years ago, Sarah even held a pop-up with her partner. In addition to including ready-to-go cakes and sweets, Sarah also provides cakes tailored to her client’s expectations. On the personal front, she continues to embrace life’s new opportunities with her partner, Adonay Berns, and their dog, Macarena.

Sherry Clarke Owns Cake & Cookie Crumbs

Having learned the reigns of baking on her own, Sherry has made countless strides in her career. From creating cookies to displaying a unique eye for detail, she managed to have a significant impact throughout her time in the competition. Since then, she has handled the operational overload at Cake & Cookie Crumbs. The cake designer is known for producing a myriad of custom cakes that display her keen eye for detail. Most recently, Sherry appeared on Food Network’s ‘The Big Bake’ with other contestants from the series.

Jamie Decena is An Acclaimed Pastry Chef

From taking risks to turning tables, Jamie’s performance on the show earned her support far and wide. After her stint on Food Network, the television personality continued to fulfil her aspirations through baking and cooking. She is currently an Executive Pastry Chef at Cowboy Star, a steakhouse renowned for its contemporary American cuisine and Western vibe. In addition to making milestones in her career, Jamie also shares happiness with her partner, Marcus. The duo regularly take to their Instagram to post pictures of their dates.

Julia Perugini is Now A Media Personality

From keeping up with the parental duties of her children to designing whimsical cookies for fun, Julia Perugini managed to impress judges with her work consistently. Alas, her elimination in week 4 meant that she missed out on the top spot. Nevertheless, the Maricopa mom has continued to enhance her skills. Having appeared in ‘Christmas Cookie Challenge’ recently, Julia has been focusing on making several milestones. The Brazilian native holds a degree in mechanical engineering and even has a background in design. She is now a content creator and a cookie artist. Having decorated as many as 200 cookies in one sitting, she continues to create milestones in her career and personal life. With an ever-evolving following on social media, Julia has even appeared on the news and sells her custom-made cookies on Etsy. The baker is a savant when it comes to decorating cookies and recently attended Cookie Con.

Dan Raymond Still Heads Zachary’s Pastry Shoppe

Profile photo of Dan Raymond
Image Credit: Dan Raymond/LinkedIn

Dan’s jovial spirit became a wonderful addition to his desserts throughout the show. The chef had found his way into the culinary arts when he and his wife, Beckie, opened up a shoppe in North Albany. Having been trained in the craft, the duo decided to kickstart Zachary’s Pastry Shoppe, a family flagship business that has continued to grow. While Dan’s memorable performance on the show won him wide renown, his heartfelt baking has continued to resonate with customers even more. After losing his wife to stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in 2015, Dan has continued to devote his time and energy to growing Zachary’s Pastry Shoppe, now based in Rensselaer.

Nolan Schooley is a Recurrent Television Personality

The Sanford, Michigan native who had been attending Harvard Law School found his calling in the culinary world. From appearing in the ‘Halloween Cookie Challenge’ to competing in the ‘Christmas Cookie Challenge,’ Nolan has recurrently displayed his skills on the Food Network time and again. Still fascinated by the endless possibilities of baking, Nolan continues to ship his unique cookie creations worldwide. From seeking inspiration from memes to recreating caricatures of renowned celebrities on cookies, Nolan uses his eclectic skills to further his career consistently.

Chantal Thomas is Still a Baking Savant

The seasoned baker from Windsor found herself expressing her creative prowess throughout her time on the show. Originally from Jamaica, Chantal has accrued years of experience in hospitality. Not just this, she also holds a specialization in recipe development and continues to use her eclectic skills to deliver results. Currently, Chantal heads the operations of her company, Amazing Ackee LLC. Based in Connecticut, Chantal continues to apply her experience to create better results for her clients.

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