Holiday Baking Championship Season 7: Where Are the Pastry Chefs Now?

‘Holiday Baking Championship’ features a high-stakes competition between ten contestants as they seek to win the top spot. The Food Network baking series features participants who try to please tough-love judges with their unique flavor profiles and sweet delicacies. Years since the show first made its debut, each season has continued to heighten the stakes. Similarly, the performance of the participants in season 7 has left many to wonder about the contestants and their posthumous journey.

Juliana Jang is a Pastry Chef, Wife, and Mother

A home baker whose primary focus was her job in the healthcare industry, Juliana managed to wow the judges time and again. In the final leg of the show, she displayed her keen eye for detail and signified the competition’s theme by magnifying her decorations effortlessly. Since taking away the top spot of the season and winning the cash prize, Juliana has been consistently climbing the ladder of success. Based in Champaign, Illinois, the television personality is now a healthcare manager and a baker. She continues to express her creativity by customizing unique flavors for clients and sharing her recipes online. On the personal front, Juliana embraces life’s new opportunities with her husband, Kenny, and their son, Nolyn.

Megan Rountree is a Media Personality

Megan’s fascination with freshly baked goods began when she was a teenager. By the time she enrolled in college, she began sharing her passion with friends and peers. Later, she attended the Patisserie and Baking program at Le Cordon Bleu and has since consistently climbed the ladder of success. From winning Food Network’s ‘Cake All’ to competing in ‘Holiday Baking Championship’ and TLC’s ‘Next Great Baker,’ Megan has repeatedly expressed her proficiency in the culinary arts. For more than a decade, Megan has been overlooking the operations of her bakery, Legacy Cakes. Once a head pastry chef for Baylor University, the television personality enjoys life with her husband and three children.

Lorenzo Delgado is a Pastry Chef

Hailing from Miami, Lorenzo successfully displayed his skills throughout his time in the competition. His consistent strive for excellence ended up winning him a spot in the finals. Since leaving the ‘Holiday Baking Championship’ kitchen, the pastry chef has been growing on several counts. Most recently, he is set to compete on Amazon Prime’s ‘Dr. Seuss Baking Challenge.’  The chef continues to deliver his services to an array of clients. The content creator also likes to share his latest creations in the kitchen with fans online.

Jon Buatti Owns Bearded Baking Co.

Once a varsity coach for Lancer Nation’s boys, Jon Buatti got the chance of a lifetime when he was selected to compete against some of the country’s most seasoned bakers in a holiday-themed baking competition. Given his dedication to the craft, Jon managed to scale his abilities exponentially. After his stint on the show, the baker continued to run the operations of Bearded Baking Co. Jon has since expanded his franchise, and his bakery can now be found in two locations in New Hampshire, New England. The award-winning establishment has won the Best of New Hampshire award for three consecutive years. Jon’s flagship bakery has also won the Hippo’s #1 New Hampshire Bakery for three consecutive years. Besides work, Jon is also set to welcome his first child with his partner in the month of March 2024.

Kess Eshun Owns a Lucrative Patisserie

Kess’ footsteps headed to the kitchen when she was just a baby. The Ghana native had dreamt of becoming a chef all her life. Since the show, the formidable competitor has founded her own patisserie and cafe. Kess Kravings Patisserie & Cakes operates in Frisco, Texas, and continues to serve a myriad of clientele. From offering exquisite desserts to creating handmade desserts like millefeuille, Kess continues to channel her expertise through her food. When she’s not working, the culinary trailblazer likes to unwind and spend some time with her family.

Jeffrey Gray Has Kickstarted Papa Bear Bakery

Jeffrey Gray
Image Credit: Jeffrey Gray/LinkedIn

For thirty years, Jeffrey had been creating remarkable value as an ad agent. From owning an ad agency of his own to creating several milestones in his career, it had seemed unlikely that Jeffrey would ever make a switch. However, things changed when COVID-19 hit. While his acumen for flavor profiles became his strength on the Food Network series, his entrepreneurial spirit endowed him with success outside, too. Since the show, Jeffrey has continued to operate Pape Bear Bakery. The ‘Santa from Atlanta’ now manages the operations of his bakery and continues to make new milestones since pivoting his career.

Jamaal Nettles is a Freelancer Today

Jamaal Nettles - Freelance Baker/student - Self-employed | LinkedIn
Image Credit: Jamaal Nettles/LinkedIn

Unwavered by challenges, Jamaal managed to rise through the ranks and leave a memorable presence on the show. The Georgia State University graduate has consistently made his way as a baker and pastry chef. He has worked under the guidance of Chef Diane Reiten and worked at the Fifth Group Restaurants. Currently a freelancer baker, Jamaal is also completing his education and hopes to fulfil his aspirations in the culinary world.

Jonathan Peregrino Has a Fascinating Career Trajectory

Donning the hat of a salesman and marketer for 15 years, Jonathan’s road to finding his calling wasn’t straightforward. While his love for cooking had led him to cater events for family and friends in high school, his knack for creating things in the kitchen didn’t persist after college. However, when he turned 40, he decided to enroll in a community college and take culinary classes. This reignited the spirit Jonathan had once felt as a child. After completing a program in the Philippines, he didn’t look back. While his remarkable performance in the baking series set the stage for exponential growth, Jonathan has consistently mapped his way to success. He is now operating JP Makes and Bakes in Michigan and continues to share his love for delicacies online.

Eva Roberts Has Decades of Experience in the Industry

Eva’s ability to churn out American desserts can be dated back to the ‘80s. The television personality first entered the business when she, her sister, and her mother opened Just American Desserts in Spokane Valley in 1986. Years of experience behind the oven prepped Eva for fierce competition. After displaying her knack for holiday-themed desserts in ‘Holiday Baking Championship,’ Eva has continued to focus on expanding her business. She has since been teaching classes for ‘My Fresh Basket in Kendall Yards.’ From customizing cakes for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and graduations to selling desserts like cheesecakes, pies, pastries, and cookies, Eva continues to share her love for baking with many.

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