Hope Street Renewed For Season 4 at BBC; Begins Filming in Belfast This Spring

BBC has renewed the Irish crime drama series ‘Hope Street’ for a fourth season. The filming of the fourth installment is slated to begin in Belfast, Ireland, in the upcoming spring. Paul Marquess and Susanne Farrell, the creators of the show, are returning along with screenwriter Leesa Harker. Marquess will also serve as a director in addition to Donna Wiffen.

The third season ends with a series of pivotal developments. Finn discovers the real reason behind DC Jo Lipton’s arrival in Port Devine. Sergeant Marlene gets cold feet on her wedding day. Finn’s birth mother Assumpta becomes a new presence in her son’s life but she fails to create a good impression. Finn deals with a startling discovery that makes him consider a decision that will change his life forever. In the finale, he makes it clear that he wouldn’t compromise his values as a police officer.

The fourth installment may revolve around the consequences of Finn’s decision to remain a sincere and uncompromising police officer. His decision to not make a piece of evidence disappear may affect his relationship with his father severely. We can expect more thrilling investigations that leave the officers safeguarding Port Devine conflicted.

Although the cast of season 4 is yet to be announced, we can expect the return of Ciarán McMenamin as Inspector Finn O’Hare, Kerri Quinn as Sergeant Marlene Pettigrew, and Niall Wright as PC Callum McCarthy. Bríd Brennan (Concepta O’Hare) and Des McAleer (Barry Pettigrew) may join them along with Aaron McCusker as Clint Dunwoody-Devine, Niamh McGrady as Nicole Dunwoody-Devine, Rachel Tucker as Siobhan O’Hare, Ellie Lavery as Niamh O’Hare, and Louis McCartney as Shay O’Hare. The third season also featured Karen Hassan as Jo and Finnian Garbutt as Ryan.

The earlier seasons of the series were shot in Donaghadee, Northern Ireland. After starting the filming in Belfast, the production may move to Donaghadee, which is around twenty miles away from the capital city. Belfast previously hosted the shooting of popular projects such as ‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves‘ and ‘The Northman.’

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