House of Ninjas: Where Is the Netflix Ninja Series Filmed?

In the world of ‘House of Ninjas,’ originally titled ‘Shinobi no Ie: House of Ninjas,’ created by Dave Boyle, hidden within the shadows, resides the enigmatic Tawara family – the last vestiges of a once-illustrious lineage of ninjas. The clan members have chosen to conceal their extraordinary abilities and lead ostensibly ordinary lives. However, destiny intervenes when a clandestine organization threatens Japan, compelling the Tawara family to abandon their guise of normalcy and embrace their ancestral calling. Haunted by the repercussions of a failed mission, the Tawara family grapples with the decision to reawaken their dormant skills.

Yet, as news spreads of a deadly toxin plaguing their homeland, their resolve is tested. With the specter of their past looming large, the Tawara family must reconcile their fears and uncertainties to confront the festering corruption in the government and the evil organization behind it. We follow the ninjas through traditional Japanese settings, industrial plants, and labs in the underbelly of the city. With enchanting visuals and near-dystopian backdrops in the Japanese action thriller series, some may ponder the real-life filming locations chosen to create the fascinating world of ‘House of Ninjas.’

House of Ninjas is Shot in Tokyo

‘House of Ninjas’ is filmed in a few locations across Japan, mainly in Tokyo. While some shooting is done on location, many of its action sequences and sets are created in a studio. Principal photography for the series began around October 2022, and shooting for season 1 was reportedly wrapped up by early 2023. Allow us to take you to the filming destinations of the series.

Tokyo, Japan

The series is lensed largely in and around the capital city of Tokyo. Toho Studios, the production studio behind ‘House of Ninjas,’ has sets and facilities that are used to create the world seen in its episodes. Located at 1-4-1, Seijo, Setagaya, the facilities at Toho Studios are the first of their kind in Japan. In addition to high-tech sound stages and sets, it houses post-production centers essential in creating the striking audio-visual effects seen in the show.

Through social media posts of the cast and crew, we can spot the production of ‘House of Ninjas’ taking place at the Post-Production Center 1 of Toho Studios. The facility was designed in collaboration with Warner Bros. Studio and built entirely from scratch for acoustical work. It contains over a dozen editing rooms, a 100-seat screening theater, an ADR suite, a Foley suit, and a dubbing stage. Toho Studios has been home to several prominent works over the years, including ‘Enter the Void,’ ‘Ran,’ and ‘Kagemusha: The Shadow Warrior.’

Apart from studio sites, Tokyo offers a diverse array of locations that capture the essence of the Tawara family’s clandestine world. From dark streets and industrial plants providing a gritty backdrop for ominous conspiracies, to traditional Japanese housing complexes offering a sanctuary for contemplation and reflection amidst the chaos. To lens scenes of a beach battle for its finale, the film crew left the confines of Tokyo and likely ventured south to one of the many beaches in Yokohama. With its rich cultural heritage interspersing modern metropolitan landscapes, Tokyo is a quintessential filming location for shows like ‘House of Ninjas’ which blend traditional Japanese elements with a stylish modern setting and narrative. As such, similar projects filmed in the city include, ‘Bullet Train,’ ‘Kill Bill: Vol. 1,’ ‘Yu Yu Hakusho,’ and ‘Kate.’

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