How Did Adolfo Die in Tin & Tina? Theories

Netflix’s ‘Tin & Tina’ is a psychological thriller movie directed by Rubin Stein and follows a young couple, Lola and Adolfo, who adopt two strange twins after losing their biological children. However, their life is soon disrupted due to the religious fanaticism of the twins. As the narrative progresses, the couple witnesses the increasingly dangerous effects of the children’s actions. In the end, Adolfo perishes under mysterious circumstances, leaving viewers puzzled about how Adolfo died in ‘Tin & Tina.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Adolfo Adopts Tin and Tina

Adolfo is the husband of Lola and the adoptive father of Tin and Tina. In the film, actor Jaime Lorente plays the role of Adolfo. Lorente is arguably best known for his role as Daniel “Denver” Ramos in ‘Money Heist.’ His other credits include shows such as ‘El Cid’ and ‘Elite.’ In ‘Tin & Tina,’ Lorente’s Adolfo is a pilot who is married to Lola. After his marriage to Lola, the couple loses their unborn twins due to a miscarriage. Moreover, Lola can never become a mother, leaving her devastated. However, Adolfo convinces Lola to adopt children from the local convent.

Although Adolfo becomes close with the children, Lola is concerned about their overly religious behavior and use of the Bible to justify their inexplicable actions. Eventually, Lola gives birth to a baby boy, and Tin and Tina try to baptize him. However, Lola intervenes just in time and saves the baby. Adolfo is enraged at the children and burns their Bible before dropping them back at the convent. A few weeks later, Adolfo and Lola argue after dinner. However, Adolfo leaves the house to repair the television antenna. However, he is set on fire and dies shortly thereafter.

Adolfo Diees Mysteriously

During the film’s fiery climax, Adolfo perishes while also setting his house on fire. While Adolfo dies when he is set on fire, the exact cause of the fire remains a mystery. It is stated that the fire was caused after lightning struck Adolfo when he was trying to fix the antenna. However, this information is only partially true given the movie’s events. In the end, Lola believes the twins, Tin and Tina, had something to do with Adolfo’s death and her house being burned down by the fire. However, her suspicions are proven false when the nun at the convent reveals the children were asleep all night. Earlier in the movie, the twins harm Pedro, a young boy who billed them for their religious beliefs. Adolfo also burns down the children’s Bible, which might make him a target for Tin and Tina.

Similarly, Tin was used to help Adolfo fix the antenna, making it easy for him to set fire to Adolfo when the latter was fixing the antenna, delivering a poetic sense of justice. On the other hand, the movie also slowly unpacks the idea of divine intervention, especially when Lola saves her son from the fire and believes it to be a miracle. As a result, it is also possible that Adolfo’s death was an Act of God. Adolfo burning down the holy text might have subjected him to God’s wrath, playing into the movie’s primary theme that explores the terror of religious rules. Lastly, it is possible that Adolfo’s death was neither caused by God nor by the children. Instead, it was a simple accident caused by lightning, delivering a more relatable fate for Adolfo.

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