How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Pathetic Deirdre

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The fourth episode of Hulu’s sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father,’ titled ‘Pathetic Deirdre,’ begins with Ellen getting ready for joining her new company while Sophie and Valentina contemplate their life choices and future. Meredith decides to open up about her reunion with Jesse to her fandom but not the way her boyfriend wanted the same. Charlie gets back to the dating scene but an unexpected turn of events puts him in an awkward spot. The intriguing episode ends with Sid confronting Jesse about the future of the latter’s relationship with Meredith. Well, let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

‘Pathetic Deirdre’ begins with Ellen joining her new company, leaving Sophie and Valentina to think about their future. They realize that they haven’t made any progress in their lives while Ellen has landed a solid job opportunity despite being in New York City only for a few months. They decide to meet Deirdre, one of their mutual friends who has been living a supposedly pathetic life, to make themselves feel better. The duo comes to know that Deirdre is having a reading of her book about overcoming toxicity. Sophie and Valentina get stunned to know that Deirdre used to meet both of them to feel better since they were extremely underachieving friends.

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Courtney, with whom Charlie spends the previous night, misunderstands that he is open to dating her upon seeing the gift basket he has delivered for her. Charlie finds it hard to tell her the truth and pretends to like her, only for Courtney to come across a delivery of several more gift baskets. She realizes that Charlie sent her the same to celebrate their one-night stand and breaks up with him. Ellen gets locked up in a storage room in her new company, which leads her to crawl through the vent of the building to attend an important meeting, stunning her colleagues. Deirdre shouts at Sophie and Valentina for thinking that she is pathetic, making her readers perceive that the author hasn’t overcome toxicity and healed herself to write a book about the same.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 4 Ending: Will Jesse and Meredith Stay Together or Break Up?

Meredith and Jesse decide to reveal their reunion to Meredith’s fan community through an unplanned video post on her social media accounts. While recording the same, Meredith tries to not let Jesse speak and says that she has taken him back. Jesse expresses his displeasure towards Meredith’s words since she is the one who went to him for him to take her back. Meredith lets him know that her fans will only be satisfied with her version despite Jesse’s version being the truth. She manipulates him to distort the truth for the sake of her reputation and status among her fans.

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Meredith’s actions are a significant indication of how she may not be loving Jesse as the latter believes. She must have reunited with him for using it as a sensational story to boost the promotions of her upcoming tour. Since her album ‘J-Street,’ which is based on her break-up with him, becomes a hit, Meredith may have been thinking that their reunion will increase the sales of the album and tickets to her tour, further boosting her popularity and stardom. Meredith can be pretending to love Jesse for her selfish reasons, which are expected to get exposed when her tour gets over.

Meredith knows that Jesse’s presence on the tour will make the same sensational. She may also want to take advantage of his talents as a musician. If that’s the case, she may reveal her likely true nature to Jesse soon, which is expected to make him realize that he had been getting used by her. Meredith may find a silly reason to part ways with Jesse and break his heart unless he realizes the truth and breaks up with her first to protect himself. Either way, Jesse and Meredith are expected to eventually break up rather than stay together since the latter is unbearably manipulative and selfish to remain in a relationship with the former once he gets used enough.

Why Do Jesse and Sid Fight?

Jesse and Sid fight because the former tries to convince the latter that Meredith is manipulating him. Sid had spent enough time with Meredith to know that she never loved his best friend enough or wholeheartedly. He succeeds in seeing her true nature through her veil of pretense, which gets further exposed to Sid when Meredith spreads the lie that he took Jesse back. Sid tries to make Jesse understand the same but the latter’s love for the musician comes in between him and the truth. Jesse dismisses Sid’s words thinking they are coming from the latter’s dislike towards his girlfriend and not from the truth.

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Infuriated, Jesse prepares to leave for Meredith’s tour without bidding adieu to his best friend Sid. He may soon realize that Sid has been saying the truth all along when Meredith likely will project herself as an extremely compassionate figure who took her ex-boyfriend back. Her obsession with her fame and lies may eventually suffocate Jesse and make him understand that Meredith never loved him, proving Sid right and paving the way for the reconnection of the two best friends.

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