How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Ride or Die

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The fifth episode of Hulu’s sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father,’ titled ‘Ride or Die,’ follows the aftermath of Jesse’s decision to join Meredith for the latter’s tour. While Jesse’s friends plan to attend a performance, Sid stays at home since he hasn’t reconnected with Jesse after their fight about Meredith. Valentina’s parents meet their daughter and Sophie with a surprise but the two best friends eventually leave them startled. Charlie plots an elaborate plan to reconnect Sid and Jesse while the musician makes a significant decision concerning his future with Meredith. The intriguing episode ends with two significant decisions Jesse makes and let us offer our detailed take on them! SPOILERS AHEAD.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

‘Ride or Die’ begins with Meredith and Jesse appearing on TV to promote their tour and “celebrate” their reunion as a couple. Although Jesse is visibly unsettled, he doesn’t let Meredith know about the same. The singer, on the other hand, forces him to share intimacy and affection with her for her PR team to shoot the same and spread it on the internet. Charlie and Ellen arrive at the venue of Jesse and Meredith’s performance. The Englishman devices an elaborate plan to see Sid and Jesse reunite as best friends. Ellen grows worried about Meredith taking advantage of her adoptive brother and shares it with Jesse, who helplessly listens to her.

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Valentina’s parents Juan and Raquel visit their daughter and Sophie. Valentina gets infuriated thinking her parents, who don’t even believe that Charlie is real, have come with another potential groom. Juan and Raquel tell her that the man with them, Oscar, is a potential match for Sophie. The stylist initially gets jealous and fights with Sophie over Oscar but later realizes that her parents arranged the match-making for making her competitive. Sophie, Valentina, and Oscar plan together to stun Juan and Raquel by faking a fight between them. After the same, Oscar tells Sophie that he would reach out to her, seemingly for arranging a date.

How I Met Your Father Season 2 Episode 5 Ending: Why Does Jesse Break Up with Meredith?

Jesse accepts Meredith back into his life with a lot of hope. He believes that she loves him enough to write a song about their separation and return to him. Meredith, however, changes as a person the instant he takes her back. First of all, she lies to the world that it is she who took Jesse back into her life for the sake of her reputation. Rather than into a relationship, Jesse walks into a series of promotional events that boosts the fame of the singer and her tour. Meredith even ends up faking intimacy and affection for the sake of her promotional events, leaving Jesse confused.

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Ever since reuniting as a couple, Meredith hasn’t cared for Jesse’s feelings. She never bothers to ask whether he is comfortable with the hectic schedules of their interviews and other promotional activities. She is not even available to him as a partner. When Ellen points the same out, Jesse can only indirectly acknowledge that he is being used, just like Sid has warned him. He eventually loses his patience when Meredith uses the footage of his embarrassing proposal in the music video of “Jay Street.” Since the incident was highly traumatic for Jesse, he doesn’t want the same to be included in the music video.

When Jesse expresses the same to Meredith, she blatantly disregards his feelings and adds that the footage is essential for boosting the popularity of the song. Jesse tries again to convince her that he is comfortable with the same but Meredith asks him to come to terms with the music video. Meredith’s decision to prioritize the viewership of the music video over his feelings makes Jesse realizes that she doesn’t love him. Thus, he breaks up with her.

Do Jesse and Sid Reunite?

Yes, Jesse and Sid reunite after their fight. Seeing Sid’s sadness, Charlie plans a series of events that would lead his boss to Jesse for them to become best friends again. Charlie’s events start with the delivery of a pack of cookies in the name of Jesse. Sid eats a cookie and gets an anaphylaxis shock because the same contained walnuts. He searches for his EpiPen but doesn’t find the same since Charlie has stolen it without any reason. While dealing with the allergic reaction, Sid realizes that he should see his best friend performing once on tour before he dies due to the shock. After receiving the required medical attention from the paramedics, he rushes to Jesse.

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Jesse, on the other hand, realizes how Sid has always been right about Meredith. He understands that he owes Sid an apology for fighting with him about Meredith using him, which happens because he doesn’t listen to his best friend. Due to Sid’s anaphylaxis shock, the best friends reunite sooner than later and Jesse lets him know that he shouldn’t have dismissed his words without looking into it. Even when Sid has been clueless about his life, he has been right about anything related to Jesse. The musician realizes the same and they reconnect in front of their other friends.

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