How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Below Deck Yacht?

Ever since its debut in the summer of 2013, the ‘Below Deck‘ franchise has been following the experiences of crew members who live and work aboard luxurious vessels as it sails through beautiful locations across the world. From navigating their roles and interpersonal relationships to meeting every demand of their seemingly overbearing guests, they essentially have to do it all. However, let’s be honest, as onlookers, we do cut the patrons some slack considering the evident, exuberant amounts of money they spend on a vacation. So now, let’s find out the actual cost, shall we?

How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Below Deck Yacht?

When you charter a vessel from the list of ‘Below Deck’ superyachts, you can expect 150+ feet of deluxe comfort, including a personalized itinerary, suitcase management, water activities, and turn-down services, amongst much more. You can even request off-boat excursions — planned and executed by the vessel’s crew members —  to ensure that you get everything in one place without any serious efforts for complete relaxation. Though, of course, with that, you have to pay the appropriate compensation, which racks up to a minimum of $140,000 (plus expenses) for a weeklong venture.

Starting from season 1’s Honor yacht (now renamed to BARENTS), after a major refit from its new owner, a weeklong charter in this 164-foot boat begins from $175,000. Then, standing at a stunning 154 foot, season 2’s Ohana (actual name RHINO) only goes for around $140,000 per week. Season 3’s Eros (known as STAY SALTY) is unavailable for private yacht charters right now, but seasons 4, 5, and 7’s Valor (or BG) is available for the price of $158,000. Coming to the luxury we have all come to know and love as My Seanna, the 185-feet Starship is the most expensive here at $260,000/week.

As for the sails of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ and ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht,’ while Parsifall III from the latter costs between $240,000 to $280,000 a week to rent, Ionian Princess from the former’s season 1 starts at about $163,000. The Sirocco of seasons 2 and 4 lands in the pricey range of $192,000 to $213,500, whereas season 3’s Talisman Maiton crosses the $250,000 mark.

As for The Wellington in the fifth season, the 184.5-feet beauty goes from $260,000 to $280,000 for a week. However, season 6’s Lady Michelle breaks all bounds by costing between $270,000 to $310,000 plus expenses. With that said, a few years ago, show creator Mark Cronin revealed that the guests who appear on the series are given a discount of about 50% from the actual cost of chartering the vessel for three days.

“We ask them to tip about 15% to 20% of the full cost though,” Mark Cronin added on a Reddit thread. “The tip amount is up to them as well. They are not compensated, but we pay their airfare.” Along with that, the production team also supports the guests by providing hotel accommodations the night before and the night after the charter while ensuring their complete safety and comfort. Their support extends to the crew in the form of an adequate salary and a few other benefits as well.

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