How to Apply For Queer Eye? How to Join the Cast?

As a reboot of the 2000s Bravo eponymous production, Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye‘ is the epitome of heartfelt makeover reality shows owing to the sheer compassion sprinkled at every step of the way. That’s because it revolves around five incredibly creative and skilled professionals (aka the Fab Five) as they lend their respective expertise to guide individuals (or Heroes) to their full potential. So now, if you too are wondering how to get these experts to come your way and thus feature in this compelling original; well, don’t worry because we have got all the necessary details for you.

Steps to Apply for Queer Eye

If you genuinely believe you or someone you know deserves a complete personal space as well as behavioral transformation to attain confidence, ‘Queer Eye’ is definitely the series for you. After all, no matter your appearance, background, or experiences, you would be unbiasedly considered because one of this production’s main goals is to redefine what it means to be healthy. Though before applying, do make sure you can give up a week of your routine life once asked because that’s when the experts will swoop in to turn your entire world upside down if you’re selected.

Aside from this crucial aspect, there are actually a couple of eligibility criteria you should be aware of — you must be at least 18 and a legal resident of the US, the UK, Canada, or Ireland to apply. Now, the truth is some other reality shows have a myriad of additional requirements regarding affiliations, physicality, and mental health, but it doesn’t seem like ‘Queer Eye’ focuses on them initially.

Therefore, once you’ve confirmed your eligibility through proper documents that might be required later on, you can directly jump into the actual application process, which is honestly as easy as pie. All you have to do is either send an email to with your name, photographs, and story or submit a minute-long video showcasing the real you at

This simple process actually remains the same even if you’re nominating someone else — the only difference is that you’d be including their details instead of yours — which makes everything better. Our advice: have fun, yet be authentic with this whole process because Netflix has always made it known they only wish to highlight real people with real abilities, experiences, problems, and stories.

However, we do need to mention that one of the casting masterminds behind this series has since admitted they follow a “twofold approach” to get the best possible Heroes. “We [have] had casting people on the ground looking, scouting within the circumference of where we would be shooting. Then, we also had people in the office in New York working the phones, and also sort of scouring social [media]. One of the things we’re really proud of is we’re really proactive. We definitely accept applications and nominations, but we also know that sometimes the best stories may not submit themselves.”

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