How to Apply For Tough as Nails? How to Join the Cast?

‘Tough as Nails’ is a reality competition series wherein individuals from all walks of life who already work physically demanding jobs in the real world face off in a set of challenges to test their endurance, skills, and strength. All these trials are at actual field sites, and the best part is that even when the contestants are eliminated, they get to stick around and prove their worth — they just won’t be in the running for the $200,000 cash prize and the title of the toughest soul in America. So now, let us delve into how you can participate in this enthralling show, shall we?

How to Apply for Tough as Nails?

If you believe that your work in the labor-intensive industry has made you tough enough to stand complicated hurdles that test everything from your agility to mental energy, then ‘Tough as Nails’ is genuinely perfect for you. No matter your background, shape, and size, you would be welcome here, especially because one of the main goals of this production is to redefine what it means to have and demonstrate individual and collective strength. After all, teamwork, leadership, and personal connections play a massive role when it comes to success in this competition.

Aside from being a hard worker who asserts that calluses are a symbol of honor, there are a few other essential eligibility criteria as well. Since a lot of physical and mental stamina is required by a contestant throughout this series, the minimum age requirement is not 18; it’s 21. Of course, you have to be a legal resident of America and not be affiliated with anyone from the production network. Most importantly, if selected, you have to be okay with being away from your everyday life, work, and family for about six weeks, including two weeks of proper quarantine.

The actual application involves creating a video to showcase your job and personality, which you would submit alongside a form comprising a set of standard questions. From your name, address, e-mail id, and social media handle to your occupation, relationship status, fitness level, and other subjective matters, every aspect is covered in the process. After you’ve filled this in, you’d be required to upload a picture of yourself and then the video. The latter shouldn’t be more than three minutes long or 50 MB in size and should include answers to a total of 10 concerns.

All of the ten topics you need to include are mentioned in the “Video Tips” section of the casting site, but we should specify that you absolutely can’t forget to state what “tough” means to you, your influences, and how being on ‘Tough as Nails’ would change your life. The entire application needs to be completed in one sitting, and it is pretty lengthy, so be prepared. It will also give you an insight into how exerting the filming process for the show would be. All you have to do is head over to the website cited above, click the button on the right-hand side that says, “Apply Now,” fill the form, and read between the lines.

If selected, someone will reach out to you for follow-up discussions about 45-60 days before production begins. At one point, ‘Tough as Nails’ used to have open city calls and take Canadian applicants, yet that’s been scrapped for the foreseeable future due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.

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