How to Get Rich: Where Are the Cast Members Now?

Netflix’s ‘How to Get Rich‘ is an interesting reality TV show that follows self-proclaimed finance guru and New York Times bestselling author Ramit Sethi as he meets clients around the United States. Before meeting each client, Ramit studies their financial records, including debts, income, and checking account balances, to understand their lifestyle. He then advises each person on minimizing the unnecessary costs to spend money on things that bring happiness.

With the show featuring people from all walks of life, it is interesting to witness their varying lifestyles and unique way of dealing with finances. On top of it, the participants often bare it all in front of Ramit, forcing him to act as a friend or a counselor. Well, with the cameras now turned away, let’s find out where the ‘How to Get Rich’ cast is nowadays, shall we?

Nathalie Dahan is Managing Her Design Firm

While the show revealed that Nathalie did not have even 5 dollars in savings, we also learned how she continually lost money from her West Hollywood restaurant, Coco Queen. On top of it, her only means of earning was from child support, which meant that she also had to take responsibility for her college-going daughter. Nevertheless, at present, she has taken control of her finances and sold off her restaurant.

On the other hand, Nathalie still holds the position of Chief Executive Officer at her interior design firm, Maison Jolie Designs, where she deals primarily with high-end clients. Readers would also be glad to know that Nathalie is currently married to model Simo Fanny. While the couple resides in Beverly Hills, California, the Interior Designer and Investor is also looking forward to a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Sophina DeJesus is Teaching Gymnastics

Sophina DeJesus’ most significant issue was her living arrangement, as she spent over 40% of her monthly paycheck on her condo. While this made other expenses impossible, she also found it challenging to fit minor repairs into her budget, which made her go without water for several days. However, in the end, she decided to follow Ramit’s plan and sell her condo, which freed up much of her money for better use.

Although Sophina still resides in Los Angeles, California, she is renting for now while using her excess income to fulfill her desires and go on vacations. She also shares an incredible bond with her mother and, from the looks of it, has taken up a professional position in Berkeley, where she teaches gymnastics to girls. Additionally, Sophina offers one-on-one lessons for $150 an hour, and we wish her the best for the future.

Drew Reebof Refky is Pursuing Drag Professionally Now

Drew’s finances were in a mess at the time of filming as he earned a meager salary from his job as a server while his actual income was from drag performances. Yet, since there were no fixed amount of drag performances in a month, most of the payment was erratic and mismanaged. On top of it, Ramit realized that while Drew did not have any plans for the future, he was also not honest about his financial situation with his fiancee, Mikey.

Naturally, Drew and Mikey had a bit of a fallout from the former’s economic situation, but they soon buried the hatchet and agreed to face the music together. The two are happily married, and the former even managed to get a better job, which helped him pay off some of his credit card debt. Furthermore, the couple and their dog, Gigi, reside in Chicago, Illinois. With Drew still holding onto his passion for drag, we wish him the best for the years to come.

Millie Oquendo and Christian Cardenas Are Exploring Real Estate

Although engaged couple Millie and Christian had most of their finances under control, a few red flags stood out when Ramit reviewed their details. For starters, Christian incurred heavy losses when trading stocks, while Millie’s weak spot for Multi-Level-Marketing jobs forced her to face numerous unnecessary expenses, including a costly car loan. Nevertheless, viewers will be glad to know the couple has settled their issues and is now happily married.

Millie and Christian even enjoyed a long honeymoon in Italy before returning to their everyday lives in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Besides, while the latter is still tied to his salaried job, his wife looked for other avenues of income and even obtained a real estate license for New Jersey. Even though Millie, who now uses her husband’s last name, is still seemingly involved in Multi-Level-Marketing, the couple has taken control of their finances. We wish them the best for the future.

Frank Grimsley is Growing as an Influencer

While most know Frank Grimsley as the winner of ‘The Circle‘ season 4, the reality star mentioned that he found it quite challenging to save money. He often splurged on unnecessary things like new clothes or costly brunches while his loans defaulted repeatedly. Hence, Ramit was a godsend in Frank’s life as the New York Times bestselling author helped him invest properly and devise a plan to become debt free.

Readers will be surprised to know that Frank has since quit his position as a School Social Worker to focus on making better content for social media. Furthermore, he witnessed massive growth in his career as a Social Media Influencer, as his immense fan following helped him land significant contracts with top brands. On top of it, Frank currently resides in Maryland and does contractual work as a Licensed Therapist on the side, which contributes handsomely to his monthly income.

Sara Ehlers and Reginald “Reggie” Guinto Are Directing Influencer Marketing

Sara and Reggie were a newly engaged couple who needed help managing their finance and planning their wedding simultaneously. Reggie, who was pretty strict about a proper financial plan, feared that the marriage would force them to go over their budget, which might cause issues in the future. Regardless, Sara wanted a fairytale wedding and worried that the constant budgeting would make them miss out on the experience.

Nonetheless, we are happy to report that the couple could meet each other halfway as Sara and Reggie tied the knot at a beautiful ceremony in Italy. They currently reside in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, California. While Reggie works as an Engineering Manager with Boeing, Sara is employed by Village Marketing as the Associate Director of Influencer Marketing.

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