How to Join Wipeout Cast? What is the Application Process?

After about six years, the game show where candidates competed in what has always been billed as the “world’s largest” water-surrounded obstacle course returned to our screens, just on a different studio channel. In other words, ABC’s ‘Wipeout’ was rebooted on TBS earlier this year. With Nicole Byer and John Cena serving as the hosts and Camille Kostek acting as the “on-field” anchor, this old yet new program premiered on April 1, 2021, and its renewal is already in the works. So, if you wish to take on the slippery obstacles as well, we’ve got the application details for you.

How to Join Wipeout? What is the Application Process?

Let’s be honest, ‘Wipeout’ has always been a show where the contestants are relentlessly mocked for their moves and behavior, much to the audience’s delight. Despite this, or maybe because of it, cast members do not get dissuaded from their goal of conquering the course and earning a massive cash prize. Plus, although there are a couple of changes in the reboot, the original aspects that made fans enjoy the series remain the same. In creator Matt Kunitz’s own words, “Wipeout is a rare show loved by both kids and adults, a true co-viewing experience.”

As for the application process, the very first thing you need to understand is the eligibility requirements. Apart from being a legal citizen and resident of the United States of America and above 18-years-old, you must also be exclusively available for approximately three non-consecutive days for the show’s filming (plus any additional time it takes to comply with COVID-19 testing regulations). Furthermore, since the shoot takes place in Southern California, you must be a resident of the area or be willing to travel at your expense. It doesn’t seem like you’ll be compensated.

Coming to the actual registration, you need to head over to the MysticArt Pictures website and create a profile. You’ll be asked to fill out a form with standard personal information like your name, address, occupation, phone numbers, e-mail, etc., and also be required to submit recent photographs. Along with that, you’re expected to answer questions like what makes you engaging, why you think you’d make a good contestant, and if you want to apply as a team with someone else for a themed installment. Your mental and overall physical health would also be scrutinized.

The entire application process should take less than half an hour to finish, after which the waiting starts. The producers will only contact you if they like what they read, and things will proceed from there. And yes, luck does play an essential role here, but our advice is that you should just be your open and honest self. After all, that’s what makes you unique and will, in turn, get you the most attention, especially with the background checks done to corroborate everything you’ve written. Athleticism and willpower are key here, so make sure you have both.

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