How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Season 3 Ending, Explained

‘How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)’ is a German series that follows a high school student who finds himself controlling a global drug empire. An unconventional story, if there ever was one, it follows Moritz and his partners as they revolutionize the business of selling drugs whilst also dealing with the whimsical turbulence of high school romances.

Season 3 finds the stakes significantly raised for all those involved in the notorious “clearnet” accessible drug marketplace MyDrugs, and young Moritz begins to realize that all the bitcoins and online wizardry in the world is not going to make a bullet any less real. The ending is explosive, definitive, and, as expected, it leaves us with a few burning questions. Let’s get into the freaky world where geeks and drugs intersect. Here’s ‘How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)’ season 3 ending, explained. SPOILERS AHEAD.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Season 3 Recap

The season opens after a particularly bad falling out between the 3 partners of MyDrugs in the season 2 finale. Moritz manages to reclaim access to his online drug marketplace as well as their online Bitcoin wallet, which holds over a million euros, essentially leaving Lenny and Dan with nothing. However, Lenny has left himself a “thermal exhaust port” (a ‘Star Wars‘ reference for a backdoor self-destruct option) on the website and decides to use it when his girlfriend Kira shows him a new website she’s created for them to sell drugs without Moritz’s help.

All of the MyDrugs records and database are wiped clean, and their cryptocurrency wallet with all their earnings is nullified, basically leaving Moritz with nothing. Lenny, Dan, and Kira then set up their own online marketplace for drugs but face supplier troubles and cannot get it off the ground. Meanwhile, Moritz is pressured by his Dutch suppliers to create a new platform so as to continue their business. As the high school senior soon realizes, his friendly, smiling Dutch business partners are, in fact, cold-blooded murderers that do not stand for people trying to leave the business.

He begs an angry Lenny, who finally relents and helps Moritz build a new website, bringing them back online and resuming their incredibly lucrative online drug sales. Moritz, however, soon realizes (with some very pointed comments from Lenny) that despite being called the CEO of the operation, all the power in the organization is held by Marlene and Beeke, his suppliers. He almost leaves for good, throwing caution to the winds and risking a violent rebuttal from the Dutch, but decides to come back when Lenny’s condition suddenly worsens, and it is discovered that his only chance of long-term survival is an expensive experimental bone cancer treatment.

Soon after, a CID policeman discovers his identity, but Moritz finds a solution to both his problems when he agrees to turn in his dangerous drug suppliers in exchange for his own freedom and also manages to steal a million euros worth of drugs from them amidst the confusion caused by their arrests. However, he soon realizes that they were a step ahead of him and managed to avoid getting arrested. Moritz, Lenny, and Dan now find themselves actively hunted by the vengeful drug suppliers, who crash their high school graduation party looking for them.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Season 3 Ending: Does Moritz Get Caught? Who Promises to Get Him Out?

The three soon find themselves captured by the Dutch and held captive in one of the empty rooms in their high school. Marlene threatens to shoot them if they don’t hand over access to the website and the money they earned from the stolen drugs. However, before she can speak further, Moritz’s dad steps in and shoots her but then runs away for fear of being shot himself. However, Kira and Fritzi then sneak up and rescue the boys, and they soon end up with Maarten held hostage whilst the high school students decide whether to kill him or not.

Ultimately, Moritz claims that he plans on going into business with Maarten, and his friends all leave, disgusted. He then releases Maarten before calling up the CID policeman to turn himself in. Moritz is soon taken into custody, and we see him being given a laptop in prison, where he is able to hack into it and use it to access the internet.

He uses it to Skype with his friends Lenny, Lisa, Gerda, Dan, and Fritzi, who all seem happy to see him, before getting an anonymous call telling him that he will soon be broken out of prison. We then see a brief scene of the parallel, narrative interview that continues throughout the show. The person behind the camera is finally revealed to be Lisa, who seems to be in charge of the documentary.

So it looks like Moritz does get caught in the end, but on his own terms. We see him turn himself in, put on his sunglasses, and even smile as cops take him down. It seems to play to his fantasy of finally becoming the world-famous notorious icon he always wanted to become (remember how much he liked his m1000 identity?)

We then see Moritz in prison, which doesn’t seem too bad considering his prison cell is larger than his room at home (as one of his friends points out on the Skype call). He has also been able to hack into the internet, which the police have not allowed him to do despite giving him a laptop to help with cyber investigations. Therefore, Moritz seems to be having a decent time whilst incarcerated.

A mysterious call he receives in the closing scenes of season 3 tells him that whoever is on the other line plans on helping him escape from prison quite soon, something Moritz seems not to mind. The caller’s identity remains a secret, but it is most likely Lenny, who is on the other side of the line. Apart from his terminally ill friend being one of the few people (if not the only person) to know how to get in touch with Moritz in prison, the mysterious voice on the phone closely matches Lenny’s voice from an earlier scene where the tech wiz helps his friend hack the prison laptop to access the internet.

Therefore, it looks like Lenny hasn’t abandoned his friend and is continuing to endanger himself for Moritz’s benefit. Of course, the incarcerated youngster also has some other, more sinister contacts like the “Albanians” who could possibly help him break out of prison, but they seem to be helping him in another way at the moment.

Is Maarten Dead?

Maarten’s life hangs by a thread for most of the latter half of the season 3 finale as the students decide whether to kill him or not after all their identities have been revealed. Considering the brutal murders Moritz has seen Maarten commit, it really seems like he might just kill the Dutchman. However, once he fools his friends into leaving, Moritz allows Maarten to live and gives him 5 minutes to run away before calling the police and turning himself in. Therefore, Maarten survives and most likely now owes Moritz a favor for sparing his life.

What Happens to MyDrugs?

MyDrugs, the notorious and globally famous open-access drug marketplace that Moritz, Lenny, and Dan run, is shut down multiple times in season 3. The first time around, it is entirely deleted by Lenny whilst he is still having a feud with Moritz. However, he soon helps the “drug CEO” build another website called MyDrugs 2.0, which then begins taking orders and selling drugs online.

This second website is finally deleted by Moritz when he tries to break off all ties with the drug business, only to find out that his identity has been revealed. The final iteration of the online drug marketplace is the Black Friday sale that they initiate to sell the drugs that the nervous lead high schooler steals from his former suppliers.

Despite it seeming like all forms of the online drug marketplace have finally ended once Moritz is in prison, we find that a very similar (white envelope) drug shipping operation is now being run by the Albanians and Maarten, who seem to have joined forces. Considering Moritz has access to the internet in prison, and that the aforementioned Albanians and Maarten don’t have the technical abilities to run a sophisticated online portal for drugs, it looks like our relentless drug entrepreneur is once again running some version of MyDrugs online from prison. This would also explain his increasing bitcoin balance, with some of the money from the drug sales also seen going to his father, who is stashing the bundles of notes in a kitchen jar.

Do Lisa and Moritz End Up Together?

After a particularly tumultuous romantic season, it seems like Lisa and Moritz are, at the moment, separated. Lisa is now in Berlin studying journalism whilst her ex-boyfriend is in prison. Her brief fling with the camp supervisor, which Moritz was exceedingly jealous of (especially after he saw the handcuffs they were using on each other), seems to be effectively over. Therefore, all hopes for a romance between Lisa and Moritz haven’t been lost, but at the moment, they are not together.

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