Hudson & Rex Renewed For Season 7 at Citytv

The St. John’s Police Department’s beloved dog and detective duo will return for another installment! Citytv has renewed the police procedural drama ‘Hudson & Rex’ for its seventh season. The filming of the upcoming installment will start in St. John’s, Newfoundland, on June 23 and conclude on October 8. Ken Cuperus, who created the show based on the Austrian-Italian drama ‘Kommissar Rex’ with Will Dixon, continues to serve as the showrunner, with Felipe Rodriguez returning as a director.

In the sixth season, Charlie and Rex tackle a series of intense cases, starting with the mysterious return of a whale-watching boat without its passengers. Their investigations lead them through a spree of armed robberies, the disappearance of a prominent judge with the help of a blind true crime podcaster, and a high-stakes hostage situation in an insurance office. They also delve into a park murder involving a vigilante superhero, the death of a wealthy man whose fortune was left to his dogs, and the poisoning of a double agent running a ballet school.

As the installment progresses, Charlie goes undercover to investigate an inmate’s death, tackles the murder of a police officer linked to Navy officers, and uncovers a golfer’s shallow grave. The theft of a stud horse, the reopening of a convict’s case, and a personal attack on Sarah’s friend add to their challenges. The climax involves a bomb threat during the Prime Minister’s visit, with Rex racing to save Charlie. The season concludes with the linked murders of Jesse’s music teacher and another seemingly unrelated crime, highlighting a chapter of Charlie and Rex’s companionship that is filled with suspense and action.

In the upcoming seventh installment, viewers can expect more thrilling and complex cases for Charlie and Rex. The new season will likely continue to build on the suspenseful and action-packed narrative, with fresh mysteries, high-stakes investigations, and deeper character developments. We can anticipate unexpected twists, intense drama, and notable developments in the dynamic partnership between the detective and the dog as they navigate new challenges to solve intricate crimes in St. John’s.

The main cast members expected to return to the seventh season include John Reardon as Detective Charlie Hudson, Mayko Nguyen as Chief of Forensics Sarah Truong, Kevin Hanchard as Superintendent Joseph Donovan, Justin Kelly as IT Specialist Jesse Mills, and Diesel vom Burgimwald as Rex.

The previous seasons of the show have utilized several locations in St. John’s, Newfoundland, for filming, including the Memorial University of Newfoundland, The Bruneau Centre, and Paton College. The city also provides the backdrop for projects like ‘SurrealEstate’ and ‘Son of a Critch.’

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