Allegiance Renewed For Season 2 at CBC

CBC has pledged its “allegiance” to Anar Ali and her crew! The network has renewed the action-crime series ‘Allegiance’ for its second season. The sophomore installment’s filming will start in Vancouver and Surrey, British Columbia, in the summer. Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern serve as the showrunners of the series, with David Frazee and Shannon Kohli on board as directors. Season 2 is currently scheduled to premiere in the winter of 2025.

In the show’s first season, Sabrina Sohal, a recent graduate of a top police academy, deals with a whirlwind of intense and complex cases. Her journey begins with a shocking and inexplicable arrest that disrupts her world. Sabrina and her team then investigate a batch of deadly heroin causing havoc in Surrey, leading to a grieving mother challenging the war on drugs. Sabrina joins a Serious Crimes investigation into an international car theft ring, where she takes on a daring role to protect a former star athlete who has fallen on hard times. Responding to a gun call at a library, Sabrina and her partner Vince are drawn into a high-stakes case involving ghost guns, sextortion, and a desperate young man.

As the installment progresses, Sabrina and Vince embark on a manhunt for two dangerous brothers whose past crimes have left a community scarred and mistrustful of the police, revealing the policeman’s own haunting regrets. A call to a motel exposes a migrant worker trafficking ring, and the duo also works against the clock to find a newborn taken by a social worker, uncovering a web of lies. Sabrina finds herself at the center of a murder interrogation with a recently released convict, needing to secure a confession in time. The season culminates with Sabrina and Vince delving into the life of a community volunteer as the former fights to prevent a troubled teen from becoming embroiled in a bloody gang conflict and turning into a killer.

In the upcoming second installment, viewers can expect a deeper exploration of Sabrina’s journey as she navigates the intricate world of law enforcement, especially with her new role within the Serious Crimes unit. With each case presenting new challenges and moral dilemmas, Sabrina and her team are expected to confront a myriad of societal issues, from organized crime to systemic injustices. As she continues to evolve both personally and professionally, audiences can anticipate gripping storylines that dive into her relationships with colleagues, the complexities of her own past, and the ever-present tension between upholding the law and seeking justice.

Even though it is early to list the confirmed cast of the second season, viewers can anticipate the return of key characters. Supinder Wraich will continue playing Sabrina Sohal, most likely along with Stephen Lobo as Ajeet. Enrico Colantoni may return as Corporal Vince Brambilla, alongside Adolyn H. Dar as Ishaan. The first installment also featured Brian Markinson as Max, Jake Foy as Kyle, Toby Levins as Doug, and Melanie Papalia as Gillian.

Both Vancouver and Surrey hosted the shooting of the action-crime series’ first installment. CBS shows such as ‘Tracker‘ and ‘Fire Country‘ have been utilizing Vancouver’s diverse backdrops, while Surrey has served as a filming location for popular productions such as Netflix’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender‘ and NBC’s ‘Peacemaker.’

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