Tracker: Exploring All Filming Sites of the CBS Show

Created by Ben H. Winters and based on ‘The Never Game’ by Jeffery Deaver, ‘Tracker’ tells the story of a survivalist who travels the fringes of civilization, taking up tracking jobs for hefty rewards. Colter Shaw is a self-proclaimed rewardist who travels across the country in his trusty old RV, helping locals as well as law enforcement with a set of specialized skills. Shaw was raised off the grid in a family of survivalists who were taught The Never Game by their father before he was murdered. As Shaw contends with his fractured family, he is assisted by his support crew, operation managers Teddi and Velma Bruin, and the hacker Bob Exley.

He also maintains uneasy agreements with police officials and his lawyer, Reenie Greene, who continues to represent him against her better judgment. While Shaw likes his work and profits comfortably from it, he has a troubled past, which catches up with him in the form of his latest case.  An adversary appears, who makes his assignment a thrilling game of cat and mouse. The series follows Shaw across a rugged and wild landscape, an environment in which the survivalist works best and pits him against an enemy on the hunt for him. With expansive, breathtaking backdrops featured in every episode, one may be inclined to investigate the shooting spots behind the captivating settings of the show.

Where is Tracker Filmed?

The CBS show is filmed primarily in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, which stands in for locations across the United States. The crew is based out of a studio but also carries out filming on location, featuring the city’s surrounding wilderness. The pilot episode for the series was filmed between October 4 and October 25, 2022, following which, shooting was delayed due to the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike. Principal photography began on November 29, 2023, scheduled to wrap up by Mar 24, 2024. Allow us to take you through the specific filming locations used to depict some of the show’s scenes.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Based between the Coastal Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver and its surrounding areas harbor a range of geographical features perfect for the filming of ‘Tracker.’ Vancouver’s diverse landscapes and vibrant urban environments provide the ideal backdrop for Shaw’s adventures. From rugged mountain terrain to dense forests and fringe settlements, the region offers versatile backdrops for capturing the rough and untamed landscapes where Shaw excels. Within a short distance from downtown, filmmakers can access worn mountain ranges, lush rainforests, picturesque beaches, and urban cityscapes, offering an unparalleled variety of settings for cinematic storytelling.

Shooting for many of the show’s scenes and action sequences is done at the Vancouver Film Studios on 3500 Cornett Road. The facility contains 13 sound stages, along with supplementary structures tailored to accommodate various requirements such as mills, warehouses, office facilities, a private gym, and other necessities related to filmmaking. Most sound stages and facilities are purpose-built to portray an array of settings with assistance from the production team. The studio is renowned for its capabilities for even the most demanding of productions and has been home to films and shows like, ‘Fire Country,’ ‘Keep Breathing,’ ‘Brazen,’ and ‘Yellowjackets.’

Vancouver’s proximity to untouched wilderness areas and its cutting-edge filming infrastructure make it a top choice for production crews seeking a convenient frontier filming environment. The city’s experienced film industry professionals, coupled with its stunning natural beauty, ensure that every episode of ‘Tracker’ is visually captivating and immersive. Whether Shaw is traversing rugged mountain trails, grasslands, or the thicket of a jungle, Vancouver’s striking scenery adds depth and authenticity to the series, immersing us in its thrill, adventure, and suspense.

With its moderate climate allowing for year-round filming and a supportive government offering incentives, Vancouver continues to attract filmmakers from around the globe. As a result, the city remains at the forefront of the film industry; regarded as the Hollywood North along with Toronto, it lends itself to creating captivating backdrops with its mountainous expanses and alluring atmosphere. Other productions featuring Vancouver’s surrounding wilderness include ‘The Mountain Between Us,’ ‘Big Sky,’ ‘Wilderness,’ and ‘The Mother.’

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