I Woke Up a Vampire: Is Blended a Real Comic Book Series?

Within ‘I Woke Up A Vampire’s’ narrative, protagonist Carmie, having recently discovered her identity as a vampling, child of a human and a vampire, needs a lot of catching up to do on her supernatural roots. In order to do so, she receives unexpected help from her best friend, Kev Garner, who discovers a comic book series that seems to hold all the answers about Carmie and the rest of the Mythic World. As such, the comic book series “Blended,” written by Octavia Rhodes, occupies a significant place within the narrative as it provides the characters with crucial information. However, do these comics have an origin in any real-life series? Let’s find out!

Blended By Octavia Rhodes

Octavia Rhodes’ Blended comics with issues like Mythics, Hunters, and Shapeshifter are fictional graphic novels created to serve ‘I Woke Up A Vampire’s’ fabricated storylines. Since Carmie’s adoptive parents, the Henleys, adopted her when she was three months old, the young girl has no idea about her supernatural heritage. As such, the vampling is entirely in the dark when her 13th birthday brings brand new superpowers to her life.

Yet, Carmie finds an invaluable resource in her best friend, Kev, who reads about vamplings and other supernatural creatures in a comic book series. Within Rhodes’ work, across multiple comic book issues, Carmie and Kev learn about a different world hidden in the shadows, “The Mythic World” and Blendeds. These offsprings are a species of Mythics born from the union of a latter, vampire, werewolf, warlock, and such with a human. From such a union, a Blended is born.

Eventually, as the plot progresses and bigger secrets demand to be uncovered, the duo investigates the comic’s author in an attempt to get some answers from her. As a result, they discover that Rhodes used to be a Blended like Carmie. While the Blendeds unlock their powers at 13, they must choose between their humanity and mythic identity at 16. However, they must forever cut ties with whichever part of their identity they choose to sever.

Therefore, Rhodes used to keep a detailed journal of her experiences, unwilling to forget any part of her life as a human or mythic. Consequently, her notes served as a great reminder of her true identity when she chose to stay a human at 16. Propelled by the same, Rhodes decided to pursue academic studies of mythology to look into the Mythic world and wrote the Blended Comics to hide the world’s reality in plain sight.

Ultimately, while this comic series serves as an enthralling plot point that greatly benefits the show’s worldbuilding, it remains an element of the same. As such, Rhodes and her comic book series are works of fiction created for the show, ‘I Woke Up A Vampire,’ and have no basis outside of the show.

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