Ignoisco Miles: Big Nailed It Baking Challenge Winner Has His Own Bakery Now

If there’s one thing nobody can deny, it’s that Netflix’s ‘The Big Nailed It! Baking Challenge’ breaks every bound when it comes to amateur-driven bake-off competitions. After all, it revolves around ten highly ambitious yet low-skilled home bakers as they attempt to recreate some incredible confectionaries for a chance to win a massive cash prize totaling $100,000. So now that season 1 of this quirky ‘Nailed It!’ spin-off has landed on our screens — if you wish to learn more about its winner Ignoisco Miles De’Juan, we’ve got you covered.

Ignoisco Miles’ The Big Nailed It! Baking Challenge Journey

Ostensibly born into a rather big, happy, supportive family in Indianapolis, Indiana, Ignoisco was merely in the seventh grade when he realized one of his biggest dreams was to have his own bakery. Though little did he know he’d soon develop a deep passion for performing arts too — dance, music, and drama — just to pursue the same when it finally came time for him to attend college. In other words, Ignoisco confidently enrolled at Indiana University Bloomington for a Bachelor of Arts in Theater almost as soon as he graduated from his local Warren Central High School in 2009.

However, since it was reportedly during this period that Ignoisco understood the true meaning of one’s roots and social work, he subsequently chose to focus on a Master’s in African-American Studies. Then came the youngster’s cognizance he had always wanted to own-operate three different businesses; his bakery, a performance arts school, and a homeless recovery center for those in need. Therefore, when the summer of 2022 rolled around, this California relocated resident had the idea to establish Butteruh Bakery Lounge, which would combine at least his initial two dreams.

“One day,” Ignoisco said in the series. “I will be opening Butteruh Bakery Lounge for people to come, get a good treat, and see a great performance — putting all the things I love into one space.” So, of course, he stepped into the Netflix production hoping to turn his visions into a reality, unaware he would actually manage to do wonders in not only the coaching sessions but also the challenges. In fact, Ignoisco won those in episodes 1, 3, 7, 8, and 9 for $1,000 each before ultimately creating a cake that visually represents all three of his life goals to win the finale, making his total gains $105,000.

Where is Ignoisco Miles Now?

It was back in 2011 that Ignoisco kickstarted his career by taking up a Co-Instructor position at Groups Theatre Project, to later evolve into a Facility Manager at Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center for a few years. Then, in 2016, he became the Director of Camp SOUL at the African American Arts Institute before relocating to California to spread his wings as an independent artist and a Vocal Instructor at Isana Academies — positions he holds today. Hence, he also has extensive administrative experience in skills such as facilitating, filing, organizing, and programming, among many others.

Yet most importantly, in his early 30s, Ignoisco has recently established BUTTER-uh Sweets as the first step towards achieving his dreams thanks to the massive cash prize he won. Thus, today, he proudly serves as an actor, an artist, a dancer, an educator/mentor, an entrepreneur, a filmmaker, a poet, a playwright, as well as a singer while being based in Norwalk, California.

We should mention Ignoscio was featured in the 2017 short film ‘The Social Life,’ played Joel in 2020’s ‘9 to 11 Minute Plays and Stories: Inspired by the Events of 9/11,’ and has been a part of many stage productions. Besides, he will be seen in the upcoming movie ‘Here We Are’ as Damani.

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