Intan Othman: Where is Wife of MH370 Cabin Crew Now?

With Netflix’s ‘MH370: The Plane That Disappeared’ living up to its title in every way imaginable, we get a deep insight into the March 8, 2014 aviation mystery that baffled the world to its core. After all, it explores the way Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went up in the air from Kuala Lumpur for Beijing as scheduled in the early hours of the fateful day, only to never come down or be found. Amongst this are the missing individuals’ loved ones sharing their quest for answers as well, which includes Intan Othman — so now, if you wish to learn more about her, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Intan Othman?

If there’s one thing Intan was sure about back in early 2014, it was that she led a good life alongside her husband Mohammad Hazrin Hasnan, their daughter Iman, and their soon-to-be-born son. The fact both she as well as her love were crew members for Malaysian Airlines was also big for them, especially as it meant they often got to work together while providing for their little family. However, since she was heavily pregnant by the time March rolled around, Mohammad alone was actively taking on standard shifts to be safe, unaware that one of them would still end in tragedy.

“[My husband] was rostered for Beijing, and it was winter,” Intan vividly remembers to this day, as made evident in the documentary series. “…He packed his fluffy jacket in his bag.” Though the most significant aspect she continues to (and will always) carry in her heart is he’d called her just before the plane took off, within which the last thing he said was, “I love you.” The truth is the couple actually had this set routine of texting one another almost as soon as they’d landed without fail, but alas, she did not receive a single message or call from Mohammad on March 8, 2014.

That’s when Intan learned MH370 had quite literally vanished from the face of this Earth shortly after leaving Malaysian airspace at 1:19 am local time, shattering her heart into a million pieces. “All I can remember is, I was just crying,” she candidly admitted in the Netflix original production prior to adding, “It was just so unimaginable that [this would become] a reality to me.” Nevertheless, determined to get her husband and every other person aboard some justice, she managed to get back on her feet rather quickly as well as care for their children to the best of her abilities.

Whether speaking at press conferences, protesting outside embassies, or traveling across the world for any trace of the missing aircraft, Intan has genuinely done it all over the last nine years. Yet despite the several theories along with possible evidence suggesting the pilot in command, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, committed mass-murder suicide, she refuses to believe this narrative. That’s because she knew him personally for years, understood he had more than three decades of experience, and simply could not imagine why he would go to such an extreme so suddenly.

Where is Intan Othman Now?

From what we can tell, Intan gave birth to her adorable son in May 2014 and named him after his missing father to carry on the legacy while also ensuring their toddler girl was doing well. In fact, she went as far as to arrange counseling sessions for the 5-year-old the same summer because she’d been close to Mohammad, so it was hard for her to take in the loss of his presence. “[Iman] dreams of her father often, and in the dreams, he will hug her and tell her, ‘I love you.’ When she wakes up, she will start crying,” Intan once said before revealing their little girl even sleeps with his shirt and photo by her side.

As for Intan’s own current standing, she quit serving as a flight attendant shortly following the incident because she grew afraid of being in the air and then went as far as to move out of Kuala Lumpur. She actually wished to start afresh while still keeping Mohammad alive in her heart, which is precisely what she seems to have done; the Malaysia-based mother of two is now an entrepreneur. Intan is behind the successful Mak Malas Kitchen, is the Superhost at Iman’s Home Airbnb, as well as a Takaful Life Planner at AIA Insurance Company — all jobs she somehow manages to juggle incredibly well. The single mother is hence an inspiration, and we wish her nothing but some much-needed closure along with immense positivity for years to come.

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