Invasion: Is Mitsuki Dead or Alive? Is She an Alien?

Apple TV+’s ‘Invasion‘ season 2 reaches an enthralling conclusion, setting up a grander conflict for a potential third installment as humanity’s war against their alien invaders is set to continue. However, the second season finale leaves humanity without one of its most important assets – Mitsuki Yamato (Shioli Kutsuna). In the finale, Mitsuki is tasked with an important assignment that requires her to risk her life. Mitsuki gladly sacrifices herself for the greater good, but is this really the end of the road for her? Here is everything you need to know about Mitsuki’s fate in ‘Invasion.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Mitsuki’s Sacrifice

The second season finale, titled ‘Old Friends, New Frontiers,’ sees WDC President Benya Mabote formulating a plan with Caspar and General Miller to harness a portal in Idabel to launch a counterattack on the mothership controlling and connecting the aliens. She asks Mitsuki Yamato’s help controlling and stabilizing the portal, to which Maya agrees on Mitsuki’s behalf. Initially, Mitsuki fails to stabilize the portal and realizes her memories are holding her back. As a result, Mitsuki asks Maya not to ground her using their memories and finally lets go of her pat. Thus, Mitsuki is able to stabilize the portal, allowing Trevante Cole to enter the mothership through the portal and reunite with Caspar.

However, moments after Trevante enters the portal, Mitsuki loses control of her mind and passes out. The episode ends without revealing Mitsuki’s fate. However, Mitsuki is likely not dead and has only passed out from overexerting herself. It is also possible that Mitsuki has lost her memories because of overusing her psychic connection. Nontheless, it seems likely that Mitsuki will survive. The war with the aliens is far from over, and Mitsuki is one of humanity’s crucial weapons against their enemy. Moreover, Mitsuki’s connection with Caspar is yet to be explained, implying she has a larger role to play in the story. Hence, it is likely that Mitsuki is not dead. She is merely unconscious and may have suffered some setbacks, such as memory loss, because of her interaction with the portal.

Mitsuki’s Alien Connection

In the second season of ‘Invasion,’ Mitsuki Yamato finds herself working for Nikhil Kapoor in the Amazon. She regularly interacts with an alien entity on the spacecraft that was knocked out of the sky at the end of season 1. Eventually, Mitsuki develops a psychic connection to Caspar Morrow and is instrumental in walking the latter up. In the process, Mitsuki’s mental state decorates, especially due to overexposure to the alien entity’s presence. Eventually, Mitsuki prunes the alien entity out of existence after it causes tremors across the globe. However, in the season 2 finale, when Mitsuki is asked to stabilize the portal in Idabel using her psychic connection, she harnesses the frequencies emitted by the alien entity she pruned earlier.

In the scene, the analysts express their disbelief at the emergence of the frequencies and data that had disappeared from existence with the entity. Thus, it is implied that Mitsuki is somehow still connected to the entity or has absorbed it, resulting in her harnessing its power. However, neither possibility seems likely given what we know of the alien creatures. It is heavily implied that the aliens do not have a mind of their own and are linked through a hive mind, meaning it is nearly impossible for Mitsuki to absorb the alien. Furthermore, humans have been shown to have only psychic connections to the aliens, not physical ones. As a result, it is extremely unlikely that Mitsuki has become an alien after absorbing the entity, which she very clearly destroys earlier in the season. Hence, it is possible that Mitsuki used her knowledge and experience gained from dealing with the entity to harness the frequencies and stabilize the portal.

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