Invisible City Season 2 Ending, Explained: Does Eric Kill Ines?

Created by Mirna Nogueira, Rodrigo Nogueira, and Carlos Saldanha, ‘Invisible City,’ originally titled ‘Cidade Invisível,’ is a crime fantasy drama revolving around old Brazillian folklore. The Netflix series focuses on an environmental police officer named Eric, whose life is turned upside down after the death of his wife, Gabriela, in a freak forest fire accident. Falling down a world of shapeshifters and magic, Eric tries to find answers behind Gabriela’s death and uncovers staggering truths about the world and his own past. Meanwhile, he must also fulfill his role as his daughter, Luna’s single dad, and protect her against new dangers.

Eric leaves the first season with an ambiguous ending and wakes in season 2 to find his daughter’s life drastically changed. While the first season of ‘Invisible City’ had leaned more towards the crime side of things, in the second season, we see Eric, Luna, and Inês completely dive into the supernatural with multiple new fantastical additions to the show’s established universe. If you’re wondering where this brand-new change of scenery and threats take the father-daughter duo, then here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Invisible City.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Invisible City Season 2 Recap

The second season starts with an introduction to a crime family, The Castros, in pursuit of a mythical land called Marangatu. After establishing the importance of this sacred place in the plot, we follow Inês and a teenage Luna. A few years have passed since the last season’s ending, with Luna now being cared for by Inês as the two continue their search for Eric. Luna’s been having prophetic dreams and uses them as a guide in finding her father with Inês’s help. Her intuitions lead them to a magically secure location. However, before Luna can trace her actions from her dreams to find her father, Inês stops their search. Inês realizes they aren’t welcome in this land and that it would be best for them to leave.

However, Luna is dissatisfied with the way things play out and resorts to desperate measures. She summons a folk entity called Matinta Pere. Matinta Pere is fabled to grant anyone’s deepest wish in return for something from them. Luna agrees to Matinta’s terms and wishes for her father to return. With Luna’s wish granted, Eric wakes up in a river somewhere. In his hasty attempts to get back to his daughter, he stumbles into Castro’s mining site and witnesses the murder of an entity. After accidentally blowing up the entire place, Eric is injured and arrested. With the help of a mysterious Wolf Boy named Bento, Eric escapes the hospital and the police. Bento promises to lead him to Luna, but then the night falls, and his transformation starts. Eric somehow lifts Bento’s abilities and transfers them into himself.

Using his newfound abilities, Eric reunites with Luna, but Matinta Pere cuts their reunion short by finally coming to reap her price from Luna and kidnaps her. Now Luna is imprisoned by the Castros, who want to use her to find a way into Marantuga. The search is led by another magical entity, Deborah, with a fraught past and uncertain future. Eric and Inês work towards saving Luna and meet other powerful entities on their way. Eric focuses on ensuring his daughter’s safety, but Luna and Inês start to see the much bigger picture at play. Now, difficult choices and sacrifices must be made to protect Marantuga and its people.

Invisible City Season 2 Ending: Does Eric Kill Inês?

After Eric and Inês rescue Luna from The Castro’s imprisonment, Luna is gravelly injured by a snake bite from Deborah. After realizing that the snake’s venom is poisonous to Luna’s spirit, Inês convinces Eric to take Luna to an Indigenous village doctor. As Luna fights through Deborah’s poison, she realizes she has a bigger role to play in Maranguta’s protection against the Castros. The Muiraquitã amulet that Luna’s mother had given to her had led her to this place, and now she must find the amulet’s real owner to save Maranguta. Inês accompanies Luna to Marangatu, and they leave Eric behind due to his unpredictable state.

Eric has, by now, stolen powers from a number of entities. Such an overload of stolen powers has started to rot Eric from the inside out. His desperate need to protect his daughter consequently presents a big danger for Luna’s destiny of saving Marangatu. Still, Eric manages to follow them. Meanwhile, Inês realizes that Luna must proceed with her quest alone, and the two separate after a tearful goodbye. Inês now goes to confront Eric.

Eric’s condition makes him increasingly aggressive and stops him from looking at the situation clearly. Inês tries to show him his errors and tries to stop him from going after Luna. However, then she realizes the only way through is to make Eric understand the importance of Marangatu and Luna’s role in its destiny. She chooses to sacrifice herself and transfers her powers to Eric by pressing her hand onto his wound. Inês’s powers had kept her alive and young for over 200 years now. But after she loses her powers to Eric, her body ages and shrivels in the blink of an eye. Eric is directly responsible for her death, and even Luna blames him for it on some level. However, to some extent, Inês had also chosen this end to ensure Marangatu and Luna’s safety.

Who is Deborah Castro?

First introduced in this season as a selfish, ruthless businesswoman looking for gold, Deborah is a crime family member. She is also an entity with powers of persuasion. She is an entity that can make people do whatever she wants and shapeshifts into a venomous viper. Deborah also abuses other entities like Bento and Lazo and keeps them imprisoned in cells. Painted out to be just an antagonist at first, Deborah eventually becomes one of the most complex characters on the show. As her history reveals itself to the audience, we realize that Deborah has also been a victim of greedy businessmen all this time.

The Castro family has been searching for the gold treasures of Marangatu for a long time now. The head of the family had found Lazo and used his powers to find Marangatu once. However, Marangatu was a sacred place for its people, and so they eventually used magic to keep it hidden from outsiders. Unable to locate the mystical land again, The Castros attack the Indigenous village. Deborah was a kid in that village, and when the attackers came, her mother, Maire, tried to hide her away. But Castro had found her, and after killing her mother, he had kidnapped the little kid, Maria. Castro knew of her abilities and started using them to his advantage. He raised Maria as his own daughter and changed her name to Deborah.

Ultimately Maria is able to find her way back to the village. After discovering the truth behind her past, she realizes she doesn’t have to work with the Castros again and stands up for her people. The amulet Luna’s mother had given to her also belongs to Maria. Maire had asked Maria’s brother, Honorato, to hide away Maria’s amulet when the attackers had come. Years later, Gabriela found this same amulet and eventually gave it to her daughter. In the end, Luna returns the amulet to Maria, and Maria finally finds her actual place among her own people.

Is Isac Dead or Alive?

Isac was one of the major characters featured in the first season of ‘Invisible City.’ He was the entity known as Saci. Saci is a Brazillian folklore spirit who travels by the winds. He is a one-legged prankster who wears a red hat. The red hat can be used to trap Saci and make him do your bidding. In the show, Saci is a man named Isac. Isac swaps Saci’s classic red had for a red bandana but maintains the prankster spirit’s mischievous and fun-loving nature. Though Isac had not been a part of Inês’s inner clique, he was still involved with the plot through his relationship with the other characters. Isac and Luna were tentative friends, and he had a deep relationship with Iberê, also known as Curupira.

In the last season, Isac died saving Iberê. Isac doesn’t show up on season 2 for the majority of it. However, he does make a cameo toward the very end. As Luna and Bento explore the woods in search of some mysterious thing, we see a shot of Isac following close behind, accompanied by his signature menacing giggle and a butterfly reminiscent of Inês.

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