6 Best Movies About Magicians on Netflix Right Now

Magic and fantasy take us beyond the realm of gritty realism to a world where everything is possible. It works as an escape from the drudgery of existence. Though stories of magic are generally associated with children, adults, too, sometimes practice a “willing suspension of disbelief” to get immersed in a world full of endless possibilities. Magic has always fascinated human beings, and thus, there have always been stories written on fantastical elements to garner more interest from the public.

Early epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata, The Iliad, and The Odyssey also used fantastical elements to make the stories stand out and get etched into public memory. Following the same trend, fantasy and magical movies have always found takers throughout film history. From ‘Mary Poppins’ (1964) to the ‘Lord of The Rings‘ trilogy, and the iconic ‘Harry Potter‘ series, films on magic have left a huge impact on popular culture. For all those who are looking to indulge more in such films, you have come to the right place. Here’s the list of really good magic movies on Netflix that are available to stream right now:

6. The Mummy (1999)

A fantasy tale about a group of American explorers who come across a map of the city of the dead, Hamunaptra, ‘The Mummy’ is a remake of a 1932 movie with the same name. The movie begins in ancient Egypt where we see that the high priest of Pharaoh Seti I has fallen in love with the emperor’s daughter, Anck-su-Namun. The king does not accept this relationship and kills his daughter. He further buries the high priest, Imhotep, alive.

The story then shifts to 1926 and we meet the characters Jonathan and Evelyn Carnathan. Evelyn is an Egyptologist to whom Jonathan shows a map, which he stole from an explorer called Rick O’Connell, of the ancient city called Hamunaptra,. Rick later meets them and promises to accompany them on their journey to Hamunaptra. While exploring inside a pyramid, they come across a volume called ‘Book Of The Dead’ from which Evelyn reads a few lines, only to wake up the soul of Imhotep. The resurrected Imhotep now again wants to bring back his beloved, and has targeted Evelyn as the perfect sacrifice required to achieve his goal. The movie was a huge box office success. Its popularity helped generate two sequels and a spin-off.

5. American Fable (2016)

Written and directed by Anne Hamilton, ‘American Fable’ is the story of a little girl called Gitty and her encounters with supernatural phenomena at the farm where she lives with her family. Anne’s family lives on a Wisconsin farmland where she spends most of her days alone, without friends to give her company. She likes to listen to bedtime stories her father tells her every night. But life is not that happy for Gitty’s father because the Midwest farm crisis has hit and he might have to sell off his farmland. When the family is going through such troubles, Gitty comes across a weirdly dressed woman on the farm who she sees talking to her father. Gitty then discovers a man locked up in the farm who has the ability to grant wishes. He tells her he will make any wish of hers come true if Gitty only frees him from his captivity. This moment becomes a pivotal point in the film as it leads to major discoveries about Gitty’s family. Hamilton shows her mastery over the craft of filmmaking in her very first debut feature itself.

4. Bright (2017)

‘Bright’ is an urban fantasy film based in an alternate reality where human beings co-exist with supernatural beings like orcs, elves, monsters, and lizard men. Magic is something normal in the world, but not much in use because there is a dearth of magic wands. The lead character in the film is Daryl Ward (Will Smith) who is a police officer with the LAPD. Ward is partnered up with an orc called Nick Jakoby who is the first ever orc police officer. While on a mission together, the two come across a secret group which vows to bring back the ‘Dark Lord’ to the earth. Later, Ward and Jakoby learn that the Dark Lord is a powerful mythical figure who was defeated centuries ago by eight species, and since then has remained away from the earth. The two also rescue an elf girl who possesses a wand. Problems arise when the secret group notices the wand and wants it for themselves. The movie was panned by critics, but was a huge hit among audiences.

3. Stardust (2007)

Charlie Cox, Claire Danes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sienna Miller, Robert De Niro, and Ricky Gervais are members of the ensemble starcast in the 2007 fantasy film ‘Stardust’. The movie has been adapted from a Neil Gaiman novel of the same name. The story follows the character of Tristan who wants to bring a fallen star from the land of the fairies for his beloved. However, when he goes to the fairies’ realm, the object he had mistaken for a star is revealed to be a woman called Yvaine. When Tristan begins to hear Yvaine’s story, he understands the deep problem she is in. She is being hunted down by the prince because her powers can help him remove the threats to his throne. Moreover, a witch wants Yvaine to help her become eternally young and beautiful. The movie was praised by critics for its impressive adaptation of Gaiman’s aesthetics to the silver screen.

2. Coco (2017)

Coco‘ is the story of a little Mexican boy called Miguel and his desire to learn and play music. Miguel’s family strictly forbids anyone to play music because his great-great-grandmother was abandoned by her husband who left her with a baby to pursue a musical career. However, Miguel still continues his struggle to learn music and watches films of his idol Ernesto de la Cruz to learn how to play the guitar. He comes across a picture which makes him believe Ernesto is his great-great grandfather who had left his family.

Miguel participates in a music competition at Ernesto’s palace where he manages to sneak into the private quarters and picks up Ernesto’s guitar. This causes Miguel to vanish completely. Nobody but his dead relatives can see him now. This becomes a cause for concern because if he does not manage to take his earlier form before sunrise, he will become one of the dead. Miguel eventually meets a guy called Hector who promises to help him meet Ernesto with whose blessings Miguel will be able to return to his previous human form.

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1. Beautiful Creatures (2013)

‘Beautiful Creatures’ is a gothic fantasy film adapted from the novel of the same name by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. The story follows a teenager, Ethan Wate, who lives in a small town called Gatlin. Problems begin for Ethan when he falls for a girl called Lena, who is the niece of the town’s most powerful man. However, Lena is not a normal human being. There are dark forces which follow her everywhere. Lena has supernatural powers far beyond her control, and there is a prophecy that she will be claimed by forces of either light or darkness on her 16th birthday. The movie received mixed reviews for its plot, but the performances of the cast members were appreciated by critics.

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