Irresistible Filming Locations

The American political landscape can be a depressing affair. However, the opposite is equally true as well: it can also prove to be a goldmine for gags and satirical comedy. That is exactly what Jon Stewart sets out to do with ‘Irresistible.’ The movie serves as the directorial debut for Stewart, who is best known for hosting ‘The Daily Show.’

‘Irresistible’ is a 2020 political satire that is mostly set in a rural place and not Washington D.C. The film revolves around the Democratic National Committee’s top strategist Gary who thinks he has found a way to win back Wisconsin. Gary sets his sight on a retired Marine Colonel who he believes can be made the mayor of the tiny town that he lives in. However, the Republican Party soon finds out about the political importance of the election and sends Gary’s nemesis, Faith to tackle the issue. The mayor’s race blows significantly out of proportion and turns into “a fight for the soul of America.”

The movie packs a star-studded cast to go with that premise. Steve Carell plays the role of Gary while Rose Byrne essays the character of his nemesis, Faith. Chris Cooper plays the role of the retired Marine Colonel. Mackenzie Davis, Topher Grace, and Natasha Lyon are also a part of the film’s cast.

Where Was Irresistible Filmed?

‘Irresistible’ is mostly set in a small Wisconsin town. The rural location serves to be integral for the movie’s plot and it is easy to guess why. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the movie was shot. Was it actually filmed in Wisconsin? Or was the movie filmed in another state?


Well, ‘Irresistible’ was not actually filmed in the state of Wisconsin. Instead, the film was almost entirely filmed in the state of Georgia. Several scenes were filmed in Atlanta, as revealed by the following tweet:

According to local sources, filming was carried out in the district of Buckhead on April 22, 2019. Next, the production crew was also spotted filming near the city of Cedartown in the same month.

Apart from that, filming was also carried out in the city of Rockmart. Apparently, a lot of scenes were filmed in Rockmart. Before filming, Carell was spotted going to various local joints like South Marble Coffee House. Filming was mostly carried out in the city’s downtown area. Have a look at the following tweet which proves that:

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