About My Father: Is the Movie Based on Sebastian Maniscalco’s Real Life?

Depicting the farce of familial eccentricity, ‘About My Father’ follows the story of an Italian man named Sebastian who decides to take his father, Salvo, to a weekend getaway with his wife’s family. However, when Sebastian and Salvo encounter the equally odd and bizarre trio of in-laws, a cultural clash follows suit and gives way to a number of hilarious and unpredictable situations. Helmed by Laura Terruso, the comedy film focuses on the complicated yet hilarious situations that follow when opposites attract.

Aside from the realistic portrayals by Sebastian Maniscalco, Robert De Niro, Leslie Bibb, Kim Cattrall, Anders Holm, David Rasche, Brett Dier, and Deborah Tucker, the movie also depicts a number of real-life similarities. From the father-son duo hyperventilating to ensure the peace of the family to encountering weird situations, ‘About My Father’ seems too good to be untrue. As the movie unfolds revelations, filial piety, and recurrent jokes, it naturally makes viewers wonder if the complex premise is actually based on true events. So, if you also want to know if ‘About My Father’ is based on Sebastian Maniscalco’s real life, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

About My Father: Inspired bt Sebastian Maniscalco’s Real-Life Experiences

Yes, ‘About My Father’ is based on a true story. The screenplay for the movie has been penned by Sebastian Maniscalco and Austen Earl. As a comedian, Sebastian Maniscalco gave the script its whimsical element. However, the comedian also used his personal experiences and drew inspiration from his life as an immigrant’s son to complete the narrative. Sebastian Maniscalco’s father is also a salon stylist and an Italian immigrant. While Sebastian penned his own experiences and added quips to make ‘About My Father’ a hilarious comedy, it was the nuance added by Robert de Niro in his character that completed the story.

To fully realize the character of Salvo, an immigrant father and stylist, Sebastian and his real-life father, Salvatore Maniscalco, spent a few days with actor Robert de Niro. In an interview with People, Sebastian Maniscalco also stated that he and his real-life dad actually went to Robert De Niro’s set so that the latter could fully embody the undertones of the character. Another subplot within the movie that is subtly tinged upon is the struggle of immigrant parents.

In a key scene in the movie, Sebastian and Salvo end up in an altercation where the son feels that his father is not trying hard enough with his wife’s family and that his father is embarrassing him. However, Salvo touches upon a number of pertinent issues when he simply says, “How could you say that?” Adding to the struggle of the reserved immigrant father, the portrayal of the characters clearly reflects the dialectic that often exists between immigrants and their children.

Equally connected to the story is director Laura Terruso, whose mother also immigrated from Sicily when she was young. As such, the creators of the film have taken their personal experiences to impact the story exponentially. Consequently, the movie does not just encapsulate the differences and clashes between different cultures and thought processes but also relies heavily on the stories of characters who are often sidelined.

Additionally, ‘About My Father’ does not shy away from expanding on the importance of family. Even when the titular characters feel aggrieved to be in the presence of their complete opposites, they try their hardest to make it through the awkwardness and hilariously unpredictable situations. For writer and comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, highlighting the importance of family was pertinent, which is why one of the central themes of the film focused on the bond between the father and son.

As such, the movie addresses a number of eschewed feelings that are often observed between parents and children. So, even though the movie touches upon a number of heartfelt subjects and limns a poignancy even in comedy, there are still a number of elements that have been embellished to give the storyline a complete narrative. Despite the fact that Salvo’s character is loosely based on Sebastian Maniscalco’s real father, the makers have still taken creative liberties to accentuate the storyline and make the movie more funny and relatable.

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