Is Agent Simone Clark Gay or Bisexual in The Rookie Feds?

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ABC’s police procedural show ‘The Rookie: Feds’ follows Special Agent Simone Clark, who joins the FBI at the age of 48 upon becoming the oldest rookie in the FBI academy. Although her superiors doubt her ability to adapt to the bureau, Simone impresses them since day one and plays a major role in the completion of multiple missions. The third episode of the show also opens a window to her personal life as she starts dating Deena “DJ” Jackson. Since Simone surprises her neighbors with her choice to date a woman, the viewers must be intrigued to know more about her sexual orientation. On that note, let us share what we know!

Is Special Agent Simone Clark Gay or Bisexual?

Simone Clark is bisexual. Although she doesn’t reveal her sexual orientation explicitly in the third episode of the show, she reveals to Agent Casey Fox that she is bisexual in the twentieth episode of ‘The Rookie,’ which serves as a backdoor pilot episode of the procedural show. She also adds to Fox that she had a girlfriend in the past, who didn’t think highly of her FBI job like her father. In the third episode of the show, Simone startles her neighbors with the revelation that she also dates women.

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As far as Simone is concerned, the gender of the opposite person has little to no effect on her choice or decision to date someone. When she meets DJ for the first time, she gets instantly smitten and they start their romantic journey together right away. Although her father Christopher “Cutty” Clark doesn’t approve of the relationship since he is dating DJ’s mother, we can expect her to continue sharing her life with DJ in the upcoming episodes of the show. Since the episode also ends with DJ spending her night at Simone’s house, it is clear that their relationship has already reached the next stage.

Having a bisexual FBI Special Agent as the protagonist of the show does indeed offer a relevant message concerning the representation of the LGBTQIA+ community not only in the realm of fiction but also in real life. Simone’s life shows us how people from the queer community can find a footing in workplaces like the FBI and earn a space of their own. Although the character is fictional, Simone, at least partially, does represent queer federal agents who had to fight several battles to build a career in their respective workplaces.

Image Credit: Raymond Liu/ABC

Although Simone is bisexual, Niecy Nash-Betts, who plays the character, doesn’t prefer to label her sexual orientation. Niecy is married to Jessica Betts, who plays Simone’s girlfriend DJ in the show. The couple has been living a life together as a married couple since 2020. Niecy has chosen not to label her sexual orientation. “The least of my attraction is gender,” the actress told Essence. “What I was and am still attracted to is Jessica’s soul. She was the most beautiful soul I had ever met in my life. Now that I’ve experienced it, I can’t imagine going through life without it,” she added.

Having said that, Niecy does have an answer if she has to label her sexual orientation. When her daughter Dia asked her about her sexual identity, the actress revealed the same. “‘Girl, I’m more confused now than I was before this. I don’t know. If I have to coin it in the moment, I would say I’m Jess-sexual,’” Niecy told her daughter, according to her interview with Tamron Hall in ‘The Tamron Hall Show.’

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