Is Alfred Dead? Why Did Alfred Kill Reggie in The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey?

In Apple TV+’s drama series ‘The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey,’ protagonist Ptolemy Grey suffers the loss of his great-nephew Reggie, who gets killed under mysterious circumstances. When he realizes that the authorities aren’t going to invest their time in the case, he sets out to find Reggie’s killer himself. His investigation ends upon confirming that Alfred, Reggie’s wife Nina’s ex-boyfriend, killed Reggie. In the sixth and final episode of the show, Grey comes to know about Alfred’s motive and tries his best to exact vengeance on him. If you are eager to know more about Reggie’s murderer’s fate and the mystery behind the murder, let us be your ally! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Alfred Dead?

Yes, Alfred is dead. When Grey comes to know that his great-nephew Reggie got killed, he swears to unravel the mystery behind the murder. He undergoes Dr. Rubin’s treatment to regain his memory for the investigation irrespective of its consequences. Upon regaining his memory, Grey talks to multiple people regarding a possible suspect and finally realizes that Nina’s ex-boyfriend Alfred killed Reggie. After delivering a eulogy to Reggie at a family gathering, Grey encounters Alfred. The former tricks the latter to come to his apartment by offering money. The next day, Grey awaits Alfred with a loaded gun to kill him.

Grey trades the longevity of his memory to avenge the death of Reggie. When Alfred arrives at his apartment, Grey makes him confess to killing Reggie by offering him doubloons, recorded in a hidden tape recorder. Unfortunately, Grey loses his composure amid his confrontation with Alfred and becomes disoriented. Alfred uses the opportunity to threaten him and demands to know the identity of the eyewitness who saw him kill Reggie. Grey, by that time, manages to take out the gun and shoot at Alfred. The latter runs away to the streets and falls on the road, dead.

Even though police officers arrive at the scene in no time, they fail to save Alfred, who has already died. Since Judge Alison McCarty calls Grey “a murderer,” it is evident that Alfred is dead, killed by the great-uncle of his victim.

Why Did Alfred Kill Reggie?

Alfred first met Reggie’s wife Nina when she was thirteen. From such a young age, Alfred was a significant presence in Nina’s life and they eventually started a relationship. Their life together came to an end when Alfred was sentenced to twenty years in prison. In Alfred’s absence, Nina met and married Reggie, with whom she nurtured a contented life. However, Alfred returned to Nina’s life when he got released on parole after twelve years of imprisonment. His presence started to harm Reggie and Nina’s marriage, forcing Grey’s great-nephew to decide to move to Texas from Atlanta.

Nina’s failure to keep Alfred completely away from her married life with Reggie seemingly motivated her ex-boyfriend to re-establish his connection with her. Alfred’s belief that he is the real father of one of Reggie and Nina’s two children made his wish to reconnect with his ex-girlfriend an absolute necessity for him. Meanwhile, Alfred came to know that Reggie is planning to move to Texas with Nina and the kids. Since he cannot leave Atlanta for Texas due to his parole guidelines, Alfred kills Reggie to stop him from moving forward with his plan to leave Atlanta with his family.

Alfred, who already lost Nina once due to his imprisonment, didn’t want to suffer her loss again. Upon killing Reggie, Alfred not only puts an end to the family’s move to Texas but also becomes Nina’s new partner and her kids’ new father. Alfred wanted to build a family with Nina and killing Reggie is the price he pays to materialize his wish.

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