Is Anna Dead in 365 Days This Day?

Anna (Natasza Urbańska) is one of the main characters in the ‘365 Days’ film series. In the first film, she is introduced as Massimo’s former lover. They dated for a while, even though Massimo told her that he would leave her once he found Laura. And he did just that after recognizing Laura at an airport. Predictably, Anna isn’t particularly happy about this and holds a grudge against Laura, which manifests in the second film.

Like Massimo, Anna is an heir to a Sicilian crime family. When she meets Massimo in ‘365 Days: This Day,’ she tells him that they should unite their families so they can be stronger than any of their competitors. This conversation takes place after Laura has disappeared, which leads Massimo to believe that Anna has something to do with the current development. If you are wondering whether Anna survives in ‘365 Days: This Day,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Anna Dead?

In the first film, Anna threatens to kill Laura after seeing her with Massimo at a masquerade ball. In ‘365 Days: This Day,’ she is a full-fledged antagonist along with Massimo’s brother Adriano. Despite what Massimo did to her, Anna is still very much in love with him and directs her anger — albeit unfairly — toward Laura. In Massimo’s father’s time, the mob factions were largely at peace, because each of them stayed inside their territories. However, since becoming the don, Massimo has been expanding rapidly, which has become a matter of concern for other mob bosses. They send him a warning by causing Laura’s accident. Although Laura suffered a miscarriage because of it, she hasn’t told Massimo.

In the sequel film, Massimo’s enemies decide to remove him from his position as the head of his family and install Adriano. They realize that the only weakness that Massimo has is Laura, so they target him through her. Laura catches Adriano and Anna having sex and believes that it is Massimo. As she is trying to leave, she runs into Nacho, who she thinks is a gardener. In reality, he is the son of a non-Sicilian mob boss with Spanish roots. Anna and Adriano sent a man to get Laura, but the latter leaves with Nacho, effectively dismantling their plan.

Toward the end of the film, Anna and Adriano finally manage to capture Laura and hold her at gunpoint as Massimo and Nacho arrive together. This is when Adriano tells his brother about the miscarriage. As Laura tries to get to her husband, Anna shoots her. In response, Nacho shoots Anna, and Massimo ends up shooting his brother.

The last time we see Anna, she is lying on the floor with a gaping wound on her chest. She is most likely dead and will not appear in the third film except maybe in flashback scenes. The narrative is likely to focus on a love triangle between Laura, Nacho, and Massimo. Having lived with Nacho, Laura now knows that she can have a passionate relationship without it being utterly toxic. So, she might even leave Massimo for the other man.

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