Is Avallac’h in The Witcher? Is Samuel Blenkin in The Witcher Season 3?

Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ brings the expansive world of magic and monsters created by Andrej Sapkowski to the screen. While the Netflix series experiments with new timelines, characters, and plot details, it keeps some key characters from the book who are bound to play an important part in the story going forward. Its spin-off, ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin,’ set 1200 years before the events of the Henry Cavill starrer series, gives us more information about the Continent and its history. The prequel series also introduces characters like Avallac’h, who are expected to impact Ciri’s story. If you are wondering whether ‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Part 2 features Avallac’h, here’s what you should know. SPOILERS AHEAD

Is Avallac’h in The Witcher Season 3?

Avallac’h is introduced to the audience in ‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ as an unassuming elf mage who comes into the spotlight after saving Princess Merwyn’s life. She had been at the center of the power grab, which included Balor, a mage who tapped into the power of the Monoliths and used it to travel across worlds. Merwyn knew Balor was using her, and he would get rid of her when she didn’t align with his plans anymore. So, she gets rid of him and gives his book to Avallac’h, allowing him to study the Monoliths in detail.

Merwyn wants the ability to travel between worlds because she wants to take the Elven culture to the other worlds and educate them in a better way of life. However, with the Conjunction of the Spheres and her own people turning against her, she meets a horrible end and dies. By now, however, Avallac’h has learned a lot from Balor’s book. He succeeds in getting out of the conflict that destroys Merwyn and survives the horrifying events of the finale. In the end credits scene, we find him spying on Ciri from a distance while she is still a child, blissfully unaware of the dangers coming her way.

Avallac’h’s presence in the same timeline as Ciri and his apparent interest in the Princess of Cintra proves that this is not the last time we’ve seen him. He is bound to show up in ‘The Witcher’ universe. However, he doesn’t in Season 3, Part 1. The first five episodes of ‘The Witcher’ Season 3 focus on Ciri’s training while Geralt tries to find Rience and kill him before the fire mage can get his hands on Ciri. So many things happen in five episodes that the show has no space to bring back Avallac’h and explore his story.

‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Part 2 is set to release in July, and perhaps, we could see Avallac’h in the last five episodes. The introduction of the Wild Hunt in Season 2 and their cameo in Season 3 prove that Part 2 has a lot of grounds left to cover. Part 1 ends with the beginning of the Thanedd coup, which creates ripples throughout the Continent, plunging everyone into the war that arrives with full force. This means that Avallac’h might remain absent from the third season, but the creators might bring actor Samuel Blenkin (‘Black Mirror: Loch Henry’) for a cameo to suggest that he will be around soon enough.

In the books, Avallac’h is a treacherous character whose intentions regarding Ciri always remain on the fence. Sometimes, he acts as her friend and seems dedicated to protecting her against all sorts of dangers, including the Wild Hunt. Other times, he seems to be working for his selfish motives and doesn’t hesitate to put young Ciri in an impossible position. The books also had him as the elf supposed to marry Lara Dorren, Ciri’s ancestor from whom the Cintran princess gets her Hen Ichaer powers.

Because the Netflix series is known to divert from the source materials, it is expected for them to make some changes in Avallac’h’s character and storyline in the show. This leaves everything up for grabs regarding the details of the character in the books. The show might make him a more complex character by changing his motives and aligning them with the storyline in the show and the prequel series. Whatever the case may be, rest assured, Avallac’h will soon become a significant player in Ciri’s story.

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