Is Birds of Paradise on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, or Prime?

Based on A.K. Small’s 2019 novel ‘Bright Burning Stars,’ ‘Birds of Paradise’ follows tomboy underdog Kate Sanders (Diana Silvers of ‘Space Force’ fame) and rich diva Marine Duval (Kristine Froseth of ‘The Society’ fame) as they compete at a prestigious Parisian ballet school for a life-changing opportunity. Directed by Sarah Adina Smith, this Black Swan-esque young adult movie attempts to highlight the viciously competitive world of young ballet dancers who reach for the heights of success while battling personal demons. If you’re planning to watch ‘Birds of Paradise,’ you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know!

What is Birds of Paradise About?

‘Birds of Paradise’ follows the neck-to-neck competition between ballet dancers Kate and Marine, the former a scholarship student struggling to make her mark and the latter a wealthy dancer with abundant amounts of talent and confidence. As the two go from rivals to friends, cracks start forming in their relationship due to the high-pressure environment of their academy. With troubles that range from a love triangle to a psychedelic-fuelled competition, ‘Birds of Paradise’ is a dark and interesting take on ballet through the eyes of the young and bold desperate for success.

Is Birds of Paradise on Netflix?

‘Birds of Paradise’ is not available on Netflix, and it is unlikely that it will be in the future. However, you can try out critically acclaimed ballet-themed shows such as ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ and ‘Navillera’ that deal with the passionate and perfection-obsessed world of ballet dancers.

Is Birds of Paradise on Hulu?

‘Birds of Paradise’ is unfortunately not available on Hulu either. In case you are looking for similar shows, you can check out ‘Flesh and Bone’ and ‘Find Me in Paris’ which delve into the simultaneously beautiful and terrifying lives of ballet dancers. And of course, you can watch ‘Black Swan’ as well, the most iconic ballet-themed film of all time.

Is Birds of Paradise on Amazon Prime?

Yes! ‘Birds of Paradise’ is available on Amazon Prime Video. Just make sure you have a subscription to the platform, and you’ll be good to go. You can stream the movie here!

Is Birds of Paradise on HBO Max?

Unfortunately, ‘Birds of Paradise’ is not available on HBO Max. In the meantime, you can try movies like ‘Save the Last Dance’ and ‘Pitch Perfect’ for a bit of feel-good dancing and singing. If you crave something darker, ‘Euphoria’ deals with teenage troubles pertaining to mental health, relationships, sex, and drugs.

Where To Watch Birds of Paradise Online?

Since ‘Birds of Paradise’ is an Amazon Prime Video original production, it is not available on any other streaming platform. Therefore, the only way to watch it online is with a subscription to the service.

How To Stream Birds of Paradise For Free?

‘Birds of Paradise’ is only streaming on Amazon Prime Video and is, therefore, not on any other streaming or video-on-demand platform for free viewing. If you are a first-time user, you can make use of the 30-day free trial to watch the movie absolutely free of cost. However, we encourage you to pay for the movies and shows you wish to watch online, to respect the hard work of the artists who make it possible for diverse viewers to experience the magic of the visual medium.

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