Is Carrie Underwood in Cobra Kai Season 4?

Since its premiere on May 2, 2018, ‘Cobra Kai’ has become an immensely popular web series. It perfectly balances its nostalgic credentials with modernity and weaves a narrative that is both timeless and contemporary. Among the show’s millions of fans, there are quite a few celebrities, including renowned American singer-songwriter Carrie Underwood.

In August 2020, Underwood took to Twitter to reveal that she had begun watching ‘Cobra Kai’ (spelling the word “Cobra” with a k) and thought it was awesome. If you are wondering whether Underwood makes an appearance in ‘Cobra Kai’ just like many other celebrities have done before her in their favorite shows, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Carrie Underwood in Cobra Kai?

Yes, Carrie Underwood is in ‘Cobra Kai.’ She appears in season 4 episode 9, titled ‘The Fall,’ of ‘Cobra Kai’ as herself, performing at the 51st All-Valley Karate Tournament. The first time the audience feels that something different is going to happen during this year’s tournament is in season 4 episode 6, titled ‘Kicks Get Chicks.’ Ron (Matt Lewis), the President of the All-Valley Board Committee, and other members meet to discuss the upcoming tournament and decide to introduce radical new rules.

The members are skeptical about the President’s capability of keeping his promise of bringing a celebrity to entertain the audience. In fact, they even plan to force Tom to step down in the next season. However, Tom keeps his promise and brings Underwood, whose husband is apparently one of his clients. The winner of the fourth season of ‘American Idol’ appears on the mat in the intermediate period between the skills competition and the male and female division fights, enthralling the audience with her electrifying performance.

Underwood states while she doesn’t understand much about karate, she knows what it takes to be a competitor, referring to her ‘American Idol’ days. With her appearance in ‘Cobra Kai,’ Underwood becomes one of the celebrities to make an appearance in a TV show they like. For instance, Serena Williams has appeared in both ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and its sequel ‘The Legend of Korra,’ Prince in ‘New Girl,’ Britney Spears in ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ and Mark Hamill in ‘What We Do in the Shadows.’

After the original tweet in which she expressed her love for ‘Cobra Kai,’ the country superstar owned up to her spelling mistake in the following tweet. “Guess I could’ve at least spelled it right,” she wrote and added a facepalm emoji. “I promise I do know how to spell Cobra… I just legit thought that’s the way it was spelled in the movie/show. I’ll do better next time. #CobraKaiNeverDies.”

‘Cobra Kai’s official Twitter account cheekily responded by quote-tweeting her and adding, “We believe you, Karrie.” They replaced the C in her name with a K, just as she did when she wrote “kobra” in her original tweet. This prompted “The Champion” singer to comment below the post of ‘Cobra Kai’s official account that she deserved such a quip. This interaction, in which co-creator Jon Hurwitz also got involved, probably played a significant role in her becoming part of the cast of season 4 of the series.

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