Is Charlize Theron in The Boys Season 3?

TV shows these days are packed with great actors who inhabit their roles with finesse and depth. These actors become the life of the show and it becomes impossible to imagine the story going forward without them. However, the audience is sometimes pleasantly surprised when other popular actors drop in for cameos that leave a mark on us. ‘The Boys’ has had its fair share of cameos, all of which have been very entertaining, to say the least. The likes of Simon Pegg, Patton Oswalt, Jimmy Fallon, and even, Seth Rogen, himself, have appeared on the show in different capacities. But the biggest surprise comes in Season Three when we see Charlize Theron on the screen.

What’s Charlize Theron’s Role in The Boys?

‘The Boys’ loves to catch its audience off guard by always doing things that one least expects and putting cameos in unexpected places. Theron appears on the screen only minutes into the first episode of Season Three, playing Stormfront! The scene begins with Homelander addressing Stormfront with the entire city decimated in the background. He calls her out for being a Nazi and says that he will not let her evil plans come to pass. Stormfront challenges him to a fight, saying that the two of them could have ruled the world. But clearly, Homelander doesn’t want to support her fascist plans. He is joined by the other members of the Seven, and together they fight Stormfront.

As the scene ends, we discover that it is from the movie ‘The Dawn of the Seven’. After being severely injured by Ryan in Season Two finale, the real Stormfront (played by Aya Cash) was obviously not available to shoot the film. Also, Vought needed to rectify the blunder that they made by using her as the face of the company when she was actually a Nazi. They needed to separate themselves from her, so they turned her into a villain. They not only blamed the past debacles on her, but they also dressed her up as a supervillain for their next film. They couldn’t cast her in the movie, so they brought Charlize Theron to play her role.

Will Charlize Theron Return as Stormfront?

The chances of Theron coming back to reprise the role are rather slim. Vought needed to portray Stormfront as a villain, so they used her character in ‘The Dawn of the Seven’. Further, however, they wouldn’t bring her role back in the movies, because they won’t want the audience to be reminded of her. If the audience remembers what Stormfront did, it will directly lead them to question Vought’s actions and decisions, and it wouldn’t be a very good move for the corporation.

Additionally, ‘The Boys’ has moved on from Stormfront, closing the loop of her story in the second episode. Going back to her wouldn’t make sense, because the show has taken giant leaps in the direction of other villains that the audience is more interested in finding out about. Nevertheless, there is always room for Stormfront’s character to return in flashback scenes.

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