Is Chelle Ramos’ Stephanie Leaving The Walking Dead?

When Eugene leads a group to the Commonwealth in AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead,’ Stephanie directs them to Lance Hornsby and an unparalleled prosperous community. Eugene and Stephanie eventually nurture a bond together as they express their feelings for each other. However, Eugene confronts Stephanie’s disappearance in the eleventh episode of season 11, leading him to search for her.

He teams up with Princess to find Stephanie, which eventually leads Eugene to a startling revelation concerning his lover. As Stephanie walks away from Eugene’s life, one must be wondering whether the turn of events is paving the way for Chelle Ramos’ exit from the show. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Stephanie?

Eugene’s arrival at the Commonwealth changes his life in several ways. The prosperity of the Commonwealth and association with Lance Hornsby help Eugene to settle in the community. More than anything, he falls in love with Stephanie. In the eleventh episode of season 11, Eugene gives a key to his apartment to Stephanie as they strengthen their relationship. However, Eugene’s happiness comes to an end when Stephanie disappears without any notice or known whereabouts. He starts investigating a mysterious group thinking they are behind Stephanie’s disappearance, only for Lance to stop him.

Eugene’s determination to find Stephanie makes him ignore Lance’s intervention, only to return to the group’s base. His suspicion turns out to be true when he comes across Stephanie but Eugene gets kicked by his lover. He realizes that Stephanie is an undercover agent named Shira, employed by Lance to lure him to the deputy governor for the sake of retrieving information about other communities. As Stephanie completes her mission and puts an end to her intricate affair with Eugene, fans of the show must be worrying whether the revelation will pave the way for Ramos’ swan song in the show. Let’s see!

Is Chelle Ramos Leaving The Walking Dead?

As per the instructions of Lance, Stephanie gets into the life of Eugene and deceives him outrightly. From the encounter with Eugene at the train car to reading his novel in search of autobiographical elements, Stephanie does her job as an undercover agent impeccably. But Eugene’s desire to start a serious relationship with Stephanie influences Lance to put an end to the whole affair. He orchestrates Stephanie’s disappearance, only for Eugene to find out the truth anyway. Nevertheless, the culmination of Stephanie’s assignment with Eugene does indicate the possibility of the completion of the character’s storyline, which can lead to Chelle Ramos’ exit from the show.

However, AMC or Ramos has not released any statements or announcements regarding Stephanie’s supposed departure from the show. Even though Stephanie’s mission concludes, we may see her accompany Lance as the deputy governor tries to strengthen his authority in the Commonwealth. If Lance’s efforts to integrate other communities into the civilization do have selfish motives, Stephanie may continue to be a powerful weapon in his arsenal.

The group of people Eugene tracks may turn out to be Lance’s soldiers and Stephanie is a significant part of the same for the deputy governor to not use her. Considering these possibilities, we believe that Chelle Ramos is likely to continue featuring in ‘The Walking Dead.’ In the upcoming episodes, we can look forward to Lance’s true intentions to surface, revealing Stephanie and others’ real identities to the citizens of the Commonwealth.

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