Is Christian Serratos Married? Does She Have Children?

Christian Serratos is a famous actress who started out early in the movie industry and slowly but surely, has made quite a mark. Her bubbly role as Bella’s close friend, Angela Weber, in ‘Twilight’, won her the “Young Supporting Actress” at the 30th Young Artist Awards. Serratos’ impeccable portrayal of Rosita Espinosa in AMC’s drama series, ‘The Walking Dead,’ put her on the map.

The distinguished artist has garnered much success and fame after being cast as the titular character in Netflix’s ‘Selena: The Series.’ She plays the protagonist in the biographical series based on the ‘90s Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla. With 2020 proving to be her year, the star’s ever-increasing followers have been intrigued to know more about her personal life. Well, here is everything you need to know about her!

Christian Serratos’ Family

Christian Marie Serratos was born in Pasadena, California, on September 21, 1990. Her parents blessed her with mixed ethnicities as she grew up learning both Mexican (mother) and Italian (father) cultures. While raising her daughter in Burbank, California, Christian’s mom worked as a jewelry designer, public relations, and marketing agent at ACSPR.

But it was her dad who inculcated in her the love for movies as his job profile required him to construct film sets. His vocation was sure to fascinate the family to see their daughter in front of the camera instead of working behind it. Thus, when Christian showed the potential to be a member of the glitzy, acting world, her parents encouraged her whole-heartedly. They even signed her with an NYC-based international modeling agency, Ford Modeling Agency, at the tender age of 7.

Christian Serratos’ Boyfriend and Daughter

Christian Serratos has been dating the Danish-American singer, David Boyd, for years now. He is renowned as the lead vocalist of the Danish alternative rock band, New Politics. From 2016, the two officially started sharing couple pictures on their respective social media accounts though it is speculated that they had known each other since 2014.

As both of them work in the same industry, Christian and David have been lucky to share the screen, even if it was for just a single episode. Also skilled in breakdancing, David got the chance to exhibit his talent for a rather unique role. During his girlfriend’s breakthrough performance on ‘The Walking Dead,’ the professional vocalist played the role of a zombie. As per Christian’s special request to the director and zombie guru, Greg Nicotero, she even got the chance to slay the character valiantly (by stabbing him in the head!)

Christian and David might not have shared wedding vows as of now but have truly committed to each other. In case of any doubt, one can always look at the adorable bundle of joy they share, their baby-girl, Wolfgang Serratos Boyd. They welcomed their daughter in 2017 but have not revealed the exact date of birth with their fans. They both prefer to keep to themselves the intimate details of their life but do let the world know once in a while that they are indeed in a committed relationship. As parents, Christian and her boyfriend are even protective of revealing their daughter’s face and thus only share snapshots where her back is turned towards the camera.

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