Is Christina Related to Arnold Weber and Dr. Robert Ford? Theories

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Christina’s introduction in the fourth season of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ is nothing but an astounding development for the ardent admirers of the show. The game writer, who looks exactly the same as Dolores Abernathy, also shares Dolores’ way of waking up, a significant aspect of the latter. To enhance the mystery that revolves around her, she conceives a storyline that resembles Dolores’ narrative in the Westworld. As the two characters share mysterious similarities, the viewers must be eager to know whether Christina is in any way connected to Arnold Weber and Dr. Robert Ford, who conceived Dolores and her narratives. Well, let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Christina Related to Arnold and Dr. Ford?

Christina gets initially introduced as a game writer living a lonely life in New York City, without any connections with Westworld or Dolores. It is unlikely that Christina is even aware of Dolores. However, her connection with Westworld becomes evident when the symbol of the park’s maze appears in her apartment. Along with the viewers, Christina also looks at the same, unable to comprehend the connection between her and the symbol. Since she is someway related to Westworld, there’s a possibility that she is related to Arnold and Dr. Ford as well.

First of all, it is unlikely that Christina and Dolores share the same appearance without any connections. Considering that Christina is also stalked by a man who resembles Teddy Flood, Dolores’ dead lover, we can most likely rule out coincidence. If Christina and Dolores are connected in some way, Christina has to be related to at least Arnold, who created Dolores. Arnold adored Dolores and considered her his masterpiece. Since she is the first-ever host created for Westworld, all other hosts were conceived based on her. Arnold even referred Dolores to as “human,” as a result of his adoration for her.

For Arnold, Dolores was like a living being like himself and he didn’t treat her as a typical host. Considering his affection towards Dolores, he might have created Christina in his masterpiece’s image. Arnold might have wanted a copy of Dolores to lead a typical human’s life instead of being a rich people’s puppet. After likely recreating Christina, he might have released her to “freedom” while the real Dolores was “confined” in Westworld.

Image Credit: John Johnson/HBO

If Arnold didn’t create Christina, Dr. Ford might have created her in Dolores’ image to pay homage to his best friend and his creations. When Arnold died, Dr. Ford had created Bernard in Arnold’s image to preserve his best friend in some way. The doctor might have created Christina during the same time and freed it from Westworld to acknowledge Arnold’s notions of freedom. Dolores was recreated numerous times to adapt to several distinct storylines and Christina can even be one of them with an independent existence out of the amusement park.

Creating copies of his loved ones is something Dr. Ford has regularly done. From Arnold’s copy, Bernard, to the host versions of his own family, Ford has conceived several such hosts to acknowledge the respective individuals’ significance. Christina can be one among them, which also explains why she encounters the symbol of the maze. The symbol indicates an inward journey a host can fulfill to become aware of its own existence and origin. Upon encountering the symbol, she may try to find the source of it, leading her to Westworld. Christina may end up knowing that Arnold or Dr. Ford possibly created her, explaining her relationship with the two scientists.

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