Is Clifford the Big Red Dog on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, Disney+ or HBO Max?

Based on Norman Bridwell’s eponymous children’s book series, ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ is a family movie that revolves around the themes of acceptance and unconditional love. The film follows Emily Elizabeth Howard, a school-going girl who receives a little red puppy that changes her life. However, Emily and her uncle are completely unprepared for the misadventures that are about to unfold. Starring Jack Whitehall, Darby Camp, Sienna Guillory, Tony Hale, and Russell Wong, the comedy film has a heartwarming message. Curious to learn more about the film or how you can watch it? We have got you covered.

What is Clifford the Big Red Dog About?

Emily Elizabeth Howard is an ordinary middle schooler who finds a canine friend when a magical animal rescuer gifts her a small red puppy named Clifford. Struggling at school and home, she finally feels that she has someone to play with. But when Emily wakes up the following day, she finds that Clifford has mysteriously grown up to become a 10-feet hound that intimidates even her uncle Casey.

Emily and Casey’s problems spiral out of control when a genetics company trying to supersize animals learns about their red dog, and immediately begins scheming to get their hands on him. Meanwhile, Clifford, Emily, and her uncle Casey search for a safe refuge, with law enforcement authorities chasing after them. In their hilarious misadventures across New York City, the red dog teaches his two new friends the meaning of unconditional love and acceptance.

Is Clifford the Big Red Dog on Netflix?

Netflix’s massive catalog of movies does not include ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog.’ However, you may like watching ‘June & Kopi.’

Is Clifford the Big Red Dog on Hulu?

‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ is not available on Hulu. But people with a subscription to the streamer can instead watch ‘Dog Days.

Is Clifford the Big Red Dog on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime subscribers will have to look for a family movie on other platforms since it is not part of the streamer’s current offerings. Viewers looking for something similar may enjoy watching ‘Marley & Me’ or ‘Think Like a Dog.’

Is Clifford the Big Red Dog on HBO Max?

No, ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ is not available on HBO Max. Moreover, its highly unlikely that it will be included in its catalog even in the near future. Therefore, subscribers can alternatively watch ‘Dr. Dolittle: Tail to the Chief‘ or ‘Scooby-Doo: The Movie.’

Is Clifford the Big Red Dog on Disney+?

The Jack Whitehall-starrer is not available on Disney+. But if you wish to watch other dog movies, you may like ‘Bolt‘ or ‘Togo.’

Where to Watch Clifford the Big Red Dog Online?

The action-adventure family film will release on November 10, 2021, in the United States. People who wish to watch the movie in theaters can book their tickets on Fandango. You can also stream the Walt Becker directorial from the comfort of your home since it is accessible on Paramount+. People with a subscription can watch the film here.

How to Stream Clifford the Big Red Dog for Free?

Paramount+ comes with a 7-day free trial for first-time subscribers. So, those of you who plan to stream ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ free of charge can do so using the aforementioned offer. However, we encourage our readers to always pay for the content they wish to consume online.

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