Is Counting Cars Real or Scripted?

‘Counting Cars’ is a reality series that follows Danny Koker, aka “The Count,” and his team of talented mechanics who customize, repair, and restore classic automobiles at their workshop named Count’s Kustoms. The series has been on air since 2012 and is a spin-off of ‘Pawn Stars.’ Despite its entertainment value, viewers have also questioned the authenticity of ‘Counting Cars.’ Fans have suspected that various aspects of the show are either staged or scripted. However, is that really the case? Let’s take a look at the facts and find out for ourselves.

Is Counting Cars Real or Scripted?

‘Counting Cars’ is primarily set in Count’s Kustoms, a company specializing in automobile customization and restoration in Las Vegas, Nevada. The shop is known for the highly detailed and personalized customizations it provides the customers. However, viewers have questioned some elements of the show and accused it of being not completely authentic.

In the show, Danny or other crew members are often seen approaching car owners on the street and buying their cars outright. This is almost certainly not true as various sources have reported that the deals for the cars are made well in advance and not on camera. This suggests that the haggling scenes where the crew members and owners try to reach an agreement over the car’s price are staged. Likewise, the timeframe in which the crew must finish a certain job are also somewhat exaggerated, as are the tight budgets they work with. This is likely done to induce a sense of drama into the show. Therefore, it is possible that the owners are aware of the customizations that take the projects over budget.

One of the most scrutinized elements of the show is the information it sometimes provides. Danny and other crew members are often seen sharing incorrect facts about the cars they work on. Most of the banter between the cast members is reportedly scripted, as are the backstories of the junk cars the crew finds. There are also other workers who work on various projects at the shop but do not appear on the camera. While the customers on the show appear ecstatic to receive their customized cars, it is possible that is not always the case. After all, a couple has accused the shop of fraudulent behavior and also filed a lawsuit against Count’s Kustoms. Having said that is is important to note that the crew completes almost all the projects they undertake.

In an interview, Danny has revealed that there are multiple projects going on at the shop, and it is the production crew’s responsibility to film everything. This suggests that not everything is staged, and the challenges the crew faces while working on the projects are, in fact, real. Given the show’s popularity, the troubles Danny faces in selling cars from his personal collection could be true. All things considered, there isn’t any concrete proof to confirm that ‘Counting Cars’ is completely fake. While some elements might be scripted, it is hardly a surprise since it is a reality show. Therefore, viewers should not believe everything they see and take certain aspects with a pinch of salt.

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