Why Did Roli Leave Counting Cars? Where is He Now?

‘Counting Cars’ is one of the most popular car-themed reality shows to grace television. A spin-off of ‘Pawn Stars,’ the series follows Danny Koker, aka The Count, and his staff who work on restoring, repairing, and customizing vintage cars at the Las Vegas-based workshop Count’s Kustoms.

The series has been on the air for nine seasons and counting, and part of the reason why the show is so popular is its interesting cast members. The crew of Count’s Kustoms are hardworking, talented, and also likable. However, like any other long-running show, ‘Counting Cars’ has also seen its fair share of cast departures. Roli Szabo is arguably one of the most missed former cast members of the show. Why did Roli exit the series? Here’s everything you need to know in that regard!

Why Did Roli Szabo Leave Counting Cars?

Roli Szabo first appeared on the show in its very first episode. He served as the detailer at Count’s Kustoms, and his main job was to work on the polishing and cleaning of bodies of the car. Roli hails from Hungary, and his thick Hungarian accent became quite popular among fans, as did his nickname “Rock n Roli.” He provided comic relief on the show with his witty banter and was extremely talented at his job. Roli was often the one to bring out the customized cars when it was time for the owners to see them.

However, after appearing on the show for the first six seasons, Roli departed the series before the seventh season. No specific reason for his exit was given, and Roli himself has remained silent on the matter. There has been some speculation that he was fired from Count’s Kustoms and, in turn, from the show.

In 2017, Roli’s trailer was reportedly stolen, and he lost a lot of money he had invested in the equipment stored in the trailer. It is rumored that after the incident, Roli left the shop on bad terms with the staff. However, there is no evidence to support either of the theories. The most likely explanation is that Roli no longer wished to remain in front of the camera or sought better career opportunities. Thus, he decided to step away from the show.

Where is Roli Szabo Now?

Since leaving the show, Roli Szabo has gone on to build a successful career for himself. It is likely that he still resides in Las Vegas, but his Instagram profile suggests he regularly travels to places like California and Tennessee for work. Roli has started his own custom detailing business named Rock N Roli Kustom Detailing. Through social media, he regularly updates fans about his personal life and the projects he works on.

Roli’s traveling and own business hint that he wanted to take a new step in his professional life and likely left the show in order to do so. Interestingly, he shared a post on April 7, 2021, featuring his former co-worker and ‘Counting Cars’ cast member Horny Mike, suggesting that contrary to the rumors, Roli did not leave Count’s Kustoms on bad terms. However, given Roli’s fledgling business, it is unlikely that he will be returning to the show anytime soon.

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