Is Dave Bautista’s Edo Voss in See Season 3?

Created by Steven Knight, ‘See’ is an Apple TV+ series set in a world where most of the human population has been wiped out due to a viral pandemic. The descendants of the survivors lost their ability to see. In rare instances when sighted people are born, they are regarded as witches by the prevalent religion of the world and burned. In such a tumultuous time, Baba Voss (Jason Momoa) raises his two adoptive sighted children.

Portrayed by Dave Bautista, Edo Voss is the primary antagonist of the second season of ‘See.’ He is Baba’s younger brother, the Commander General of the military of the Trivantian army. The Trivantian tribe is supposedly a republic. Seemingly modeled after ancient Rome, the Trivantians practice slavery and have the greatest military on the continent. Despite their relationship, Edo deeply resents his brother for what Baba put him through on their father’s instructions. The complex dynamic between Baba and Edo powers the narrative throughout season 2. If you are wondering whether Edo appears in the third and final season of ‘See,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Edo Voss?

The Trivantian tribe has a unique culture that sets them apart. While they are a brutal people, they have a pragmatic view of religions, unlike the tribes around them. Edo sees the sighted people for what they are — an opportunity. The conflict between the two brothers rapidly deteriorates through the season and reaches the culmination in the second season finale, titled ‘Rock-a-Bye.’

The negotiations between the Trivantians and the Payans fail when Sibeth, the former queen of the Kingdom of Payan, has the delegates of the former tribe killed, and war becomes imminent. Tamacti Jun, tax collector and former Witchfinder General of the Payan army, chooses the Greenhill Gap as the location to engage the enemy. This proves to be an excellent tactic.

Although the Trivantians have a bigger army, the Payans and their Hidden Tribes allies are able to fight them in the narrow passages of the Greenhill Gap. Under Baba’s leadership, they slowly gain control of the battle. Soon enough, the Trivantians lose enough soldiers that they become smaller in number than their enemy. The victory for the Payans and their allies is assured when they lure most of the remaining Trivantians to a frozen lake and then break the ice, drowning their enemies in the ice-cold water.

Realizing that the battle is lost, Edo calls to Baba using the whistle that the latter gave him. Edo knows that his life is over either way. After his defeat at the Battle of the Greenhill Gap, the Trivantian council will have him executed. He and Baba fight, and Edo dies in the arms of his brother.

 Is Dave Bautista in See Season 3?

In season 3, we learn that even though the Trivantians lose the Battle of the Greenhill Gap, the war is far from over from their perspective. Tormada (David Hewlett), the chief science officer of the Trivantian army, forces Oloman, one of the sighted children of Jerlamarel, to develop an explosive substance, which the Trivantians begin to use with devastating effect. Moreover, Tormada considers Edo a dear friend and actively seeks to avenge him. If Dave Bautista’s Edo Voss is to appear in person in the third season, it will likely have undesired effects on these aspects of the narrative.

Bautista was probably just meant to appear in the second season of ‘See.’ He is currently very busy with multiple projects, including the next installments in the ‘Army of the Dead,’ ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ and ‘Dune’ film series. However, working with Momoa on ‘See’ was such a positive experience for Bautista that he said on social media that he wanted to make “a Lethal Weapon-type buddy cop movie directed by David Leitch.” As of November 2021, that project was going forward at MGM.

“I had been wanting to work with Momoa for years,” Bautista told Variety in an August 2021 interview. “We just really gel. It’s odd. We’re so similar in certain ways, but our personalities, our energies are just extreme opposites. He is a very high energy, very outgoing person, and I’m just an introverted person, a very low energy person.” So, considering everything, Dave Bautista will not likely appear in the third season of ‘See.’ And even if he does, it will probably be in flashback scenes.

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