Is Debbie Johnson From 90 Day The Single Life Dating Anyone?

TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiance‘ got so popular that it paved the way for several exciting spin-offs, including ’90 Day: The Single Life.’ As the name suggests, the reality series follows several singles willing to move on from their failed relationships and ready to find someone to settle down with. Hence, we witness such singles re-entering the dating pool, meeting new people, and ultimately finding love or more.

Interestingly, Debbie Johnson’s story is quite different from the rest, as the 70-year-old was first introduced on ’90 Day Fiance’ season 6 as Colt Johnson’s mother. Although she did not want to move on with her life for a long time, she finally took the first step and mentioned that her son was on board with the whole plan. With fans curious to know if Debbie has found someone to spend her days with, we decided to jump in and find out!

Debbie Johnson’s Past Relationship

Before her ’90 Day: The Single Life Journey,’ Debbie was married to Harley Johnson for 27 years. She later revealed that they initially met at a bar where he challenged her to a Pac-Man arcade game. Harley won the game, yet he and Debbie vowed to keep their connection alive and soon became good friends. Moreover, their friendship turned romantic with time, and the two tied the knot in November 1982.

Debbie and Harley had a wonderfully happy marriage and even became proud parents to their son, Colt. She mentioned that her husband made her feel extra special, and she still misses him to this very day. Unfortunately, Harley passed away due to a sudden heart attack in 2008, leaving Debbie completely heartbroken. While she had no plans of finding someone else, she dedicated herself to her motherly duties and kept her late husband alive in her mind. In fact, Debbie shared a lovely post on Instagram on what would have been their 37th marriage anniversary and called him the love of her life.

Is Debbie Johnson Dating Anyone?

When talking about the decision to step back into the dating scene at 70 years of age, Debbie shared that people her age are generally afraid or too tired to start anew. Therefore, she wanted to lead by example and inspire others to follow in her footsteps, hoping people would stop seeing the act of moving on negatively. Furthermore, Debbie wanted to rediscover herself and, thus, was open to trying out new things. Incidentally, even Colt came out in full support of his mother and mentioned that he was proud of her decision.

On the show, Debbie was initially taken aback since modern dating is quite different from what she was accustomed to. Nevertheless, her friend set her up with a man named Tony, who resides in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, and earns a living as a landlord. Debbie had minor concerns about meeting him, but she soon went on a virtual date with him, and the two seemed to get along well.

Despite Tony not being the kind of person she would generally go for, Debbie was ready to give their relationship a chance and even agreed to be his guide if he ever came over to  Las Vegas. Nevertheless, current developments suggest that things might not have worked out, as there are no reports on their relationship, and the absence of a special someone is quite apparent in Debbie’s social media posts. Regardless, she seems to be living her best life and has surrounded herself with friends, family, and loved ones.

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