Is Devon Pravesh Leaving Chastain? Is Manish Dayal Leaving The Resident?

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Devon and Leela’s separation in FOX’s medical series ‘The Resident’ season 5 not only astounded the viewers but also paves the way for severe consequences in the former’s life. Even amid the incredible success of his clinical trial, Devon struggles to be in Chastain where he has to encounter his ex-girlfriend now and then. Although Kit and Bell want their talented doctor to stay at Chastain, Devon thinks about parting ways with the hospital. The twenty-second and twenty-third episodes of the season depict major developments concerning Devon’s future at Chastain and Manish Dayal’s commitment to the show. Here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Dr. Devon Pravesh Leaving Chastain?

After becoming an attending at Chastain, Devon leaves the position to start his own clinical trial in the field of oncology. Devon’s trials yield incredible results, making him a famed scientist. The rabies treatment protocol he co-develops becomes another feather in his crown as well. Chastain’s reputation increases due to Devon. However, he fails to celebrate his success as he struggles to cope with the aftermath of his breakup with Leela. He realizes that he may need to get away from Chastain to move on from the predicament.

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Meanwhile, a hospital from Baltimore offers Devon the position of the director of their research team. Even though Kit makes it clear that she will match any monetary offer he receives for him to stay at Chastain, Devon informs his boss that it is not about money. Devon considers leaving the hospital because it is hard for him to face Leela. Although he has separated from her, Devon still loves and misses her, which makes her presence more painful. Finally, he gets ready to leave for Baltimore as he decides to leave Chastain. However, there is still hope that he will change his mind.

In episode 23, Leela reveals to Devon that she doesn’t want him to go. She expresses her wish to give their relationship another chance. Devon, who realizes that he shouldn’t leave Leela in the name of a hypothetical child, reconcile with her. Since they are reunited, Devon most likely will not leave Chastain. Since the predicament with Leela resolves endearingly, he may not leave his girlfriend in Atlanta and move to Baltimore. In addition, He may not want to leave his friends, colleagues, and the hospital that made him what he is.

Devon has a very cooperative boss in Kit and an irreplaceable companion in Conrad. They may influence him to decide against leaving Chastain, although the offer he receives is tempting. Considering these possibilities, we may see Devon continuing his career at Chastain. As Devon considers the job offer he receives, the admirers of the character must be alarmed about the possibility of Manish Dayal exiting the show. Well, let’s share our thoughts about it.

Is Manish Dayal Leaving The Resident?

As of yet, neither FOX nor Manish Dayal has announced the actor’s departure from ‘The Resident.’ The possibility of Devon leaving Chastain can be just a plot point to increase tensions in the narrative and pave the way for Devon and Leela’s reunion. Considering the lack of any indication of Manish’s suspected exit, we believe that Devon considering leaving Chastain is solely a narrative development than an indication of the actor’s departure from the medical drama.

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In the sixth season premiere, we may see Devon deciding to stay at Chastain and not leave for Baltimore hastily. If that’s not the case, the character can be still part of the narrative for the show to follow his life in his new workplace. Thus, we can very well look forward to seeing Manish’s Devon in the upcoming episodes of ‘The Resident.’

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